Retinol Night Capsules

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What is retinol?

Retinol is a derivative of Vitamin A. This retinol needs to be broken down and turned into retinoic acid in order to bring the many skincare benefits it is capable of achieving. There are many prescription skincare products on the market that contain retinoids, which are the essentially the same but are more potent than retinol. Products containing retinol offer the same skincare benefits of prescription retinoid solutions, but in a gentler format. Retinol is an antioxidant and free-radical fighting agent that can help many complexion complaints such as acne, pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles.


Retinol on a Molecular Level

Topically applying Retinol has shown remarkable age defying effects on 3 types of skin cells:

  • Epidermal Keratinocytes (Predominant Cell type in the top layer of skin)
    • Topically applying Retinol stimulates Keratinocyte production which increases epidermal thickness.
  • Dermal Endothelial Cells (Cells in Dermal layer that line blood vessels and regulate exchanges between the bloodstream and surrounding tissues)
    • Endothelial cell production which increases dermal vascularity.
  • Fibroblasts- Connective tissue cells that produces Collagen and other fibers

In addition, research shows that Topical Retinol reduces Metalloproetinase expression which directly causes an increase in collagen synthesis.


What about the capsules?

If you don’t want to use retinol regularly or if you only have certain problem areas on your face that you want to target using retinol, then our small but mighty capsules can help. These capsules provide a concentrated dose of retinol (.24%). Although we have upped the amount used in the capsules to bring faster, focused benefits, this amount is still small enough to not harm the skin. We’ve also added a number of skin-soothing and anti-aging ingredients into each capsule to boost the benefits further, such as soybean oil and ceramide NP. These ceramides complement the capsules perfectly, preventing moisture loss and keeping skin firm, supple and healthy. To achieve results, the capsules need to be twisted open and massaged onto the area on the skin that you want to target.  Like our retinol serum, the capsules stimulate collagen production and cell renewal, while protecting your skin from environmental factors that can increase the signs of aging and lead to dull skin. Instead, you can enjoy vibrant, firm, even and youthful skin with these retinol capsules.


Retinol is becoming a ‘must have’ ingredient in the beauty industry, and with our two leading products it is possible to unleash the benefits of this antioxidant compound in a way that suits your skin and your daily routine.


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