Mere Minerals Makeup

ASDM Beverly Hills

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  • Mere Minerals Makeup
  • Mere Minerals Makeup
  • Mere Minerals Makeup
  • Mere Minerals Makeup

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What it is: ASDM Beverly Hills mineral foundation makeup SPF 15 is made from pure micronised minerals with no additives, zero irritants. It works wonders, yet looks like beautiful mere skin. This foundation has the appearance of power but feels like a cream and creates a flawless and natural complexion that is almost unbelievable. Mineral makeup is made of natural rock called Muscovite. Titanium dioxide, Iron oxide, zinc oxide are all natural ingredients, uncoated minerals. Titanium dioxide & Zinc oxide provides SPF protection

Ingredients: Titanium dioxide, Zinc oxide, Boron nitride, Sericite, White mica, Red oxide, Yellow oxide, Brown oxide, red brown oxide.


Application Tips: Dip your brush tips into foundation & tap it once on a solid surface, like the sink, to settle the minerals into the brush. Apply powder on clean, dry skin, swirling with the brush, evenly blending your minerals. For a perfectly flawless radiant  airbrushed look, it is best to apply the minerals in light layers, rather than using one heavy application. You can also “foil” on your foundation, by getting the tips of your application brush slightly damp before touching the bristles to your minerals, and using the same swirling circles, apply the foundation to your face. This will give you a slightly heavier coat in one application, and will dry evenly within seconds.


  • Fairly light: Very light skin with pink undertones
  • Radiant Light: Light pale skin. Slight undertones of pink/yellow.
  • Medium Beige: Light to medium skin, golden undertones

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