Luxury Lifting Kit

ASDM Beverly Hills™

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Have you ever fallen in love with your skin care routine? You are about to! Imagine a serum so delectably smooth and silky that it instantly seeps into your pores carefully enveloping each skin cell with complete nutrition. Like a mother cuddling a newborn, this serum will treat your skin with the utmost care and protection that your skin has only dreamed of. Transformation is a breeze once your skin lowers all barriers and succumbs itself to the potent powers of our lifting contour serum. Smooth, plump, regenerated skin cells will vibrantly glow casting a luminous appearance that will be visible to everyone you know. Get ready to experience love like never before. Don’t let this serum be the one that got away!

This kit comes with:

1- Lifting Contour Serum

1- Detox & Renew Charcoal Mask

1- Ultra Firming Cream

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