Egyptian Musk

ASDM Beverly Hills

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What it is: This captivating scent is uniquely blended to achieve an exotic essence that lasts all day.

What it smells like: A rich, Egyptian musk with precious wood blends and floral top note.

More about this exceptional Egyptian Musk: This fragrance is defined by a soft, sensual aroma that delights both the senses of the wearer and anybody who smells it. Its clean, fresh and sweet scent is suitable for both men and women. This particular Egyptian Musk was crafted by a master perfumer who understands the importance of maintaining its original aroma developed several years ago during the reign of Queen Cleopatra.

Queen Cleopatra was known to wear Egyptian musk oil. It may even have been the secret to how she won over Mark Antony.

The real Egyptian Musk oil was exceedingly costly to produce. As a result, only the wealthy would be able to afford such an extravagance. Modern perfumery has reduced the costs of production, making Egyptian musk an affordable luxury. It is popular among both young and older customers and among all races of people. This fragrance is worn by both men and women but women are the biggest users by far.

Ingredients: 100% pure CONCENTRATED perfume oil that will not evaporate or deteriorate over time (Alcohol-free)

Usage: With roll on applicator, you can easily control the intensity of scent by applying as little or as much as desired. Apply oil unto skin (neck, inner wrist). Very little oil is needed to create a long lasting essence!

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