ASDM Beverly Hills™

Chemical Peel Preparation Kit

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What it does

Having the correct prepping and neutralizing tools is essential for any safe and effective chemical peel treatment. What makes our kit different from any others on the market? We use Organic Tepezcohuite Extract and a proprietary blend of neutralizing actives that will safely raise your skin’s pH to a neutral level after most AHA peels. In addition, our post peel serum infuses your skin with Organic Tepezcohuite Extract which helps to reduce redness and inflammation while accelerating your skin’s healing rate. Our pre peel serum is great for maximizing any peel’s potential. With a clean, oil-free canvas, your skin can more easily absorb the peel for an effective exfoliation.

Skin Concerns: Chemical Peel preparation and neutralizing kit

In this kit:

1- Activated Charcoal Cleanser 8oz

1- Pre Peel Treatment Serum 50g

1- Post Peel Treatment Serum 50g