Starting ASDM Beverly Hills was absolutely the best thing that ever happened to me, because it opened up a wonderful opportunity for my husband and I to work several years together on something that we were both truly passionate about. It all began when my usually clear, light skin became tarnished with dark brown spots that likened the image of a “bad contour” job. Just like any other woman would, I began to frantically look for topical treatments that would resolve this issue. All promised a light, even skin tone, but none actually did anything to improve my skin’s appearance. Months turned into a full year of dealing with this issue. You can imagine all of the complaining and costly treatments my poor husband had to endure hearing about day after day. Let’s just say a small fortune was definitely spent during this year of finding the holy grail of lightening creams. But it was completely unproductive, it actually lighted a fire within my husbands heart, and implored him to find the solution for my woes. A happy wife makes for a happy household, right?! Having a background in chemistry and biology made it all the more easy for my husband in his quest for the epitome of lightening creams. It must have been 1 month before he showed me his final, tested creation, all packed and labeled in an adorable glass container. It was actually my birthday present back in November 2009.

I began using it religiously for several weeks before I actually began noticing a lighter more even skin tone. At first I thought it was my imagination, but even my friends and family began complimenting me on how much my skin glowed. Dare I believe in a miracle? Well after a few months of using the cream, my brown spots completely disappeared, leaving no trace of any abnormal pigmentation.

This little finding of ours sparked a creative element in our souls and we began formulating potions that would target different skin concerns and ailments. It was a very special bonding moment between my husband and I because we collaborated on everything from packaging, labeling and customer service.
For 7 amazing years we worked together diligently in bringing our customers new, effective products at a great price and with a friendly smile. It felt more like play than work because it was something we both loved to do and we loved doing it together. But alas, anything good must come to an end. That is the ultimate destiny for us. On July 11, 2017 I lost my amazing husband, my partner in this venture and the love of my life to a yearlong battle with GIST cancer.
Words cannot describe the pain I felt and still feel each day I am not with him. But everyday I go to work and I do what we both loved to do and I can actually feel his presence guiding me and our amazing staff in everything we do and accomplish. I am thankful for this legacy that he has left me and I am also very excited to make him proud of us by continuing our passion and making our skin care company something truly special. ASDM Beverly Hills is a skin care company founded on selfless love. Everything we create is done in a passionate manner, skipping no corners and producing quality & effective products. My ultimate goal is to be able to convey a message of love in this oftentimes self-absorbed beauty industry. Not a love that is cheap or bought, but a love that will last you a lifetime and is absolutely selfless. All of our products come with a love guarantee, “If you are not in love with your product, contact us and we will take care of it”.

Wishing you much love, peace, happiness, strength and health,

Alejandra Marquez