The ASDM Beverly Hills Difference

ASDM Beverly Hills was founded by Rafael Marquez in 2010 with the goal to create effective and luxurious products at an affordable price. Our team of licensed estheticians has selected each ingredient with safety, effectiveness, and sustainability in mind. With over 10+ years in business, we have achieved a prestigious ranking among other skin care companies because of our unique formulas that fuse natural extracts and active ingredients into one budget friendly, bioactive choice. 

Some of our signature ingredients include super fruit antioxidants like Organic Camu Camu & Amla, moisture balancing peptides like Polyglutamic acid, and highly effective brightening agents like Alpha Arbutin.

What is the difference between a good product, from an exceptional one? The answer lies in how well it creates an environment suitable for skin to thrive in. Every product tells a story but it is a question of how well it performs that story that makes the difference. Some ingredients like propylene glycol, PEGs and silicones can initially feel amazing and tell a tall tale, but with daily use, they are detrimental for your skin. The damage they cause is shown as premature aging, sun damage, inflammation, redness and clogged pores.

Is skin able to heal after years of struggling with skin ailments such as acne and melasma? We strongly believe that skin can easily heal and repair itself given that it has a proper environment that promotes both healing, nourishment and includes key ingredients that will target those specific skin concerns. Our extensive line of products contains target specific actives for several skin ailments from acne, oily skin, dry skin, inflammation, redness, photoaging, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles and so much more.

Feel free to contact us via email or phone if you have questions on how to select products specific to your skin concern or if you are unsure as to how to begin your skin health journey. All of our products come with a money back guarantee so that you can shop with confidence. Your success with our products is our ultimate goal.


How We Started

ASDM Beverly Hills was founded by Rafael Marquez in 2010. It all started with one cream that would change the way that uneven skin tone was addressed. Initially, the widespread ingredient used for reducing the appearance of melasma was hydroquinone. Hydroquinone is a great lightening agent, however research has shown that it can cause cancer with regular use.

Rafael’s solution to this problem was to formulate a hydrating & moisture rich cream that contained safe and effective lightening agents both organic and synthetic, combined with a blend of natural fruit exfoliants and non irritating Vitamin C. This cream is our our Arbutin Skin Lightening Complex. It has been a best selling product since it was introduced to the market in 2010.

This cream was only the starting point as Rafael Marquez created different concentrations and variations of this formula to target uneven skin tone both on the face and on the body. Since not everyone has the same skin type or level of severity, Rafael Marquez created serums and lotions with varying concentration of lightening agents to help all individuals struggling with hyperpigmentation.

After months of success with his skin brightening products, Rafael Marquez decided to expand his collection to include facial masks, chemical peels, anti aging serums, creams, and so much more. This extensive project was met with much success.

Unfortunately in 2017, Rafael passed away from a year long battle with GIST Cancer. His legacy is carried on by his wife, Alejandra Marquez who had always been a strong collaborator and inspirational figure to Rafael Marquez. ASDM stands for Alexandre Saint D' Marquis, a French version of Alejandra's name.

ASDM Beverly Hills hopes to inspire a message of self love. For you cannot truly love another unless you love yourself first. Problematic skin can bring down any person's self esteem significantly. Being able to target that problem and effectively address it can work wonders in restoring self love. Taking each day a step at a time is all it takes to being on the right path towards healing, let God handle the rest.