American Stylish

Maui Trance Beard Oil

$ 22

UPC# 718194302809

Slow down and destress as you soak up the warmth of a slowly setting sun overlooking the pristine clear waters of Maui. Experience the sweet scent of freshly cut coconuts and over-ripened mangoes while afar in the distance you hear the slow crashing of waves down by the seashore. With your shades on and hat brimmed low, your thoughts wonder slowly into a peaceful trance. Step into this picture perfect state with American Stylish Maui Trance, where every day has a chance to be therapeutic. Exclusively designed to be ultra-lightweight while maintaining your beard conditioned and shiny. Cultivated by months of research and countless peaceful days, our inspiration for this product is truly an unforgettable one. Don’t let your day be ordinary. Take it into the realms of Maui and experience relaxation like never before.

A little of this product goes a long way. Apply sparingly to palms and rub into beard & mustache for best results.