American Stylish

Live Napa Beard Oil

$ 22

UPC# 718194302793

Embark on a sensorial adventure in which every taste bud is harmoniously aligned with the sprawling fields of grapes and luscious greenery. In this world, hints of lavender fields and organic produce grab a hold of your senses making it almost impossible to look away. In the distance you can make out a clinking of glasses, cheery voices and is that a light and airy Chardonnay? In a perfect world where delicious oils and exquisite cheeses are served in par with luxurious wines, you find yourself believing in the power of not just a good wine but the union of nature and family. Both vital treasures that coexist harmoniously in wine country. Experience the vibe & live the passion with American Stylish Live Napa. Make your days sunny and carefree with our signature beard oil that is exclusively designed to be ultra-lightweight while maintaining your beard conditioned and shiny. Cultivated by months of research and countless rounds of Chardonnay, our inspiration for this product is truly sensational.

A little of this product goes a long way. Apply sparingly to palms and rub into beard & mustache for best results.