American Stylish

Havana Beard Oil

$ 22

UPC# 718194302786

Climb into a rebellious Cuban ambiance overflowing with banded hats & Guayabera shirts. Turn a corner and find regaetton music playing full blast while locals puff on cigars and sip on mojitos. Enter into a world that never sleeps & beards are a signature look passed down generations by Cuban heroes. Experience the vibe & live the passion with American Stylish Havana Nights. Take your day into the night with our signature beard oil that is exclusively designed to be ultra-lightweight while maintaining your beard conditioned and shiny. Cultivated by months of research and countless Havana nights, our inspiration for this product is truly close to heart. Don’t let your day be ordinary. Take it into the realms of Cuba and experience a Havana night like never before.

A little of this product goes a long way. Apply sparingly to palms and rub into beard & mustache for best results.