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Ancient Egypt Beard Oil

$ 22

UPC# 718194302779

Upon arrival at Giza, Egypt, you are immediately taken aback by the majestic sight of the pyramids. Surrounded by a peaceful crowd, you know that everyone is busy contemplating their creation. It seems almost impossible that every stone was handpicked and situated in such a manner to produce such an intricate structure. An earthy scent of freshly wet dirt captures your senses. Notes of amber and vanilla seem to pop into the picture as you slowly make your way to the front of the pyramid. It’s like you can almost taste the sweet oils used by Ancient Egypt in their rituals. Bring back the experience with American Stylish Ancient Egypt. Make your worries a thing of the past with our signature beard oil that is exclusively designed to be ultra-lightweight while maintaining your beard conditioned and shiny. Cultivated by months of research, our inspiration for this product is truly historic.

A little of this product goes a long way. Apply sparingly to palms and rub into beard & mustache for best results.

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