Why You Should Include Rhassoul Clay in Your Regimen Right Away

Looking for an all-natural product to incorporate into your beauty routine?  Look no further than rhassoul clay — a pure, natural beauty product that is highly effective!

Discovered by Morocco natives in the 8th century, this extraordinary clay is sourced from the Atlas Mountain range. Several years of volcanic activity and geothermal changes formed this clay, resulting in its silky texture.

A staple of Morrocan hammams and Turkish baths, rhassoul clay finally makes its way to the west. Beauty experts have been raving about it continuously. Now, ASDM Beverly Hills brings its unique brand of rhassoul clay into your own homes.

Miracle Ingredients of Rhassoul Clay

As one of Northern Africa’s best kept secrets, rhassoul clay has been cited for its absorption and adsorption properties. It attracts various toxins and bacteria that have accumulated beneath your skin, enabling to flush them out upon rinsing.

In addition, rhassoul clay has earthy elements that contribute to its many health benefits. Here’s a closer look at the benefit of each:

  • Iron – This element helps create hemoglobin, nourishing skin and hair.
  • Potassium – This element helps in retaining water in the body, preventing dehydration of the skin.
  • Sodium – This element helps in the balance of fluids in the body and skin.
  • Magnesium - This element lowers cortisol levels in the skin, lessens acne, and stabilizes hormonal imbalance.
  • Silica - This element helps manufacture antibodies and maintain hormonal balance.

Applying Rhassoul Clay for Immediate Benefits

Once you start using ASDM Beverly Hills’ Rhassoul Clay Mask, you will notice gradual benefits to your appearance.

  • As a Face Mask

Apply a thin layer of clay for a few minutes to help rejuvenate your face. It helps exfoliate your face from bacteria and gets rid of pesky acne. Within a week, you will notice a smooth, fair face.

  • As a Skin Therapy

You can also use the mask on other parts of the body. Perform the same procedure as on your face. In a few days, the blemishes and acne will start to heal, and your skin will feel smoother than ever.

  • As a Nail Revitalizer

Use a small amount of mask to your nails to help clean and smoothen them. Just like its effect on your skin, your nails will be glowing and bright right after!

  • As a Hair Smoother

You can also apply rhassoul clay to your hair (the Moroccan hammams have been doing these for centuries)! Simply take a small amount of rhassoul, mix with water, and run through your hair. It will help reduce dandruff, as well as moisturize and smoothen your hair.

Use Rhassoul Clay Now!

With its flexibility and natural healing properties, rhassoul clay is a weapon of any serious skincare fan. It’s been tried and tested for centuries, so you don’t need to doubt the numerous benefits it can do for you!

ASDM Beverly Hills’ Rhassoul Clay Mask is guaranteed 100% natural and free from synthetic ingredients. Don’t waste a second in achieving your dream beauty. Order it now from our page!

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