Why Oxygen is a Skincare Essential Too

Although we can’t see it, oxygen is, quite literally, everywhere. It surrounds us constantly and is responsible for keeping our heart beating to its rhythm. Oxygen is an essential element for human life. However, it should also be an essential part of your skincare routine.

For something so enigmatic, it can be hard to imagine why or how oxygen can improve the appearance of your skin in the same way that something tangible such as a drop of hyaluronic acid or activated charcoal dust can. Yet it is a vital part of many a beauty buff’s skincare routine all over the world. Still not convinced? Here’s why oxygen is a skincare essential too.

It boosts cell metabolism

Your skin is constantly trying to renew itself. This is called cell metabolism – the process when the cells release carbon dioxide and shed dead cells. Due to many unavoidable factors of modern life such as pollution and smoke it can be hard for skin to get the oxygen it needs from the air around us. If you have clogged pores or a build-up of environmental debris, your skin faces an uphill battle to maintain its natural rejuvenation process. Using oxygen-based skincare products is a way to give your skin exactly what it needs to ensure it is glowing with fresh, new oxygenated skin cells. Without oxygen, the cells cannot shed and you are left with a dull complexion, are prone to blemishes and breakouts and are at risk of showing signs of premature aging.

Pretty impressive? But there’re more! By increasing cell metabolism, it also…

  • Has healing properties

Oxygen is a lifeline to every human on the planet and is frequently administered at hospitals to aid a variety of traumas. This is because of its incredible ability to kick-start the healing process. While your skincare troubles might not be as critical as anything that results in a visit to the hospital, this quality of oxygen makes it a wonderful addition to any skincare product. It reduces inflammation and acts as a barrier to bacteria, making it great for keeping acne and unwanted breakouts at bay, leading to a perfect complexion.

  • Helps to plump out fine lines

Thanks to its role in aiding the cell metabolism process, using oxygen can help your skin to appear more youthful. Having a plentiful supply of fresh, new skin means that any unwanted fine lines are shed, along with the dead skin cells.

Here at ASDM Beverly Hills, we have harnessed the benefits of oxygen by combining it with other ingredients such as hyaluronic acid to form a powerful hydration treatment. As the oxygen encourages rapid cell metabolism, adding hyaluronic acid, arnica Montana flower and glycan peptide gives your skin the help it needs to appear smooth, toned, plump, hydrated and undoubtedly youthful. 

Our oxygen powered hydration treatment is perfect for applying after one of our chemical peels, moisturizing your skin while boosting the renewal process further. What’s more, simply using it as part of your daily routine can dramatically increase your skin’s overall hydration levels, something that is essential if you lust after radiant, youthful, glowing skin.

If you dream of facing every day with fresh, renewed and dewy, moisturized skin then you should seriously consider adding oxygen to your skincare routine. While you could head to your nearest salon for an oxygen facial or other complicated treatment, using something as simple as our Oxygen Serum Hydration Treatment allows you to enjoy the benefits of this ‘fresh air’ boost, in an accessible and no-fuss way.

Take a look at our serum online and discover all the other fantastic, natural, gluten-free ingredients we have added to our extra helping of oxygen.

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