Why Every Skin Care Routine Should Include a Pumpkin Mask

Pumpkin is no longer just a spooky Halloween decoration or a tasty ingredient. Loaded with skincare benefits, a pumpkin mask and other pumpkin-based skin products are a must for any skincare routine.


Pumpkin is excellent for all skin types. It’s especially effective for damaged skin due to environmental conditions, such as too much exposure to the sun. Pumpkin is bursting with vitamins and minerals, such as:

  • Vitamin A – softens and soothes irritated skin, increases production of collagen to keep skin soft and elastic
  • Vitamin C – reverses skin damage, anti-aging properties help prevent fine lines and wrinkles
  • Vitamin E – speeds up healing of wounds, renews skin, fights acne, and enhances skin tone
  • Zinc – a natural defense against acne and breakouts by helping regulate oil and hormone production

Pumpkin peel, masks, moisturizers, and creams nourish the skin and help it better absorb all of these nutrients.


Aside from vitamins and minerals, pumpkin also contains lots of natural enzymes that help soothe, soften, and hydrate dry skin. Gentle enough even for sensitive skin types, pumpkin has moisturizers and exfoliators that dissolve those dry skin cells and encourage the production of new cells.

Because of this, pumpkin skin products are not just awesome for the face; apply it liberally on cracked heels or dry elbows and get a similar effect.


Pumpkin is a powerful anti-acne ingredient. If you struggle with frequent breakouts and pimples, you should start trying out pumpkin skin toners and peels. These will fight inflammation, control excess oil, reduce pore size, and prevent pimples and blackheads from forming.


Improve your skin’s barrier function with pumpkin-based products. Pumpkin’s fatty acids make your skin highly resistant to dirt, grime, and other pollutants that cause skin problems.


The AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids) in pumpkin help you maintain radiant and healthy skin. AHAs are responsible for rejuvenating the skin by helping with exfoliation, de-clogging the pores, promoting overall skin function. These make pumpkin products so effective at smoothing and brightening the skin.


Pumpkin’s molecular structure is very small, so it can reach deep into your pores. This means your skin can maximize the nutrients, exfoliation, and hydration that pumpkin peels, moisturizers, and cleansers offer. If you have aging skin, dull complexion, and pigmentation, then it’s worth adding pumpkin to your regimen.

Make Pumpkin a Daily Habit for Your Skin

Not sure how to add pumpkin to your skin care routine? Great news— it’s super easy! There are numerous skin care products available that include this key ingredient.

If you’re new to chemical exfoliation, why not try our  Pumpkin Glycolic Mask Peel with over 100 skin nourishing nutrients and pumpkin enzymes? To make our ultra-complete formula, we’ve added Aloe and Honey (healing), Glycolic acid (exfoliant), Pineapple (astringent, soothing). It's an excellent choice for both first-timers and peel veterans.

Is your skin feeling dry? We’ve bundled up our popular Pumpkin Glycolic Mask Peel, Pure Peptides Serum, and Maximum Hydration Cream for the ultimate moisturizing kit! We’ve got these and more here at ASDM Beverly Hills, so have a look at some of the best skin care products you can find today!

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