Why a Rhassoul clay mask is your dry skin savior

It is common knowledge that hydrated skin is healthy skin, helping you to maintain a youthful, fresh and naturally glowing appearance. Forming great habits such as drinking lots of water, cleansing skin thoroughly and regularly applying moisturizer are common methods of maintaining high levels of hydration. But did you know that your dry skin could also benefit hugely from a clay mask treatment?

Although clay would usually conjure up images of dry, cracking textures, with many other clay face masks known for leaving skin feeling tight, a high-quality Rhassoul clay mask can actually help to nurse your skin back to its former, supple glory – especially when it is combined with a range of fine, radiance boosting ingredients. Don’t believe us? Let us explain.


What is different about Rhassoul clay?

Rhassoul clay is unique as it can only be found in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, and is otherwise known as Red clay or Moroccan clay. Due to its location, this special clay is formed naturally by geothermal and volcanic activity. It has been used as a cleanser, shampoo and in facial mask form for many years.

Rhassoul clay is loved by the beauty industry, as it possesses a unique mineral make up that holds a plethora of skincare benefits. It contains stevensite, a natural anti-irritant and also has anti-inflammatory properties, perfect for reducing any unwanted redness or uneven patches. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg!

Rhassoul clay also contains high amounts of silica (around 58%) and magnesium. The silica promotes collagen production, something which is essential to keeping skin youthful, supple and resilient. It also boasts around 25% magnesium content; this ingredient repairs dry, damaged skin fast while also strengthening the skin’s natural barrier to protect it from any future damage. The combination of these two minerals means that sore, dry skin can quickly be repaired while also given a much-needed collagen boost to restore a radiant glow.


What else helps to keep my skin hydrated?

Rhassoul clay is great for keeping skin hydrated and healthy, but this can be increased when used alongside other fantastic ingredients such as:


Pure Hyaluronic Acid: The compound is commonly used in many skincare products and known for its incredible capability for retaining huge amounts of water (around six liters of water per gram!). Naturally found within the skin, using Hyaluronic Acid within a skincare product provides the complexion with a ‘top up’ of this anti-aging, anti-toxin ingredient, giving it a balanced amount of moisture to keep it healthy, youthful and wrinkle free.


Aloe Vera Leaf Extract: Thanks to its anti-bacterial properties, this natural ingredient works wonders for damaged skin. It quickly restores dry skin back to health, while soothing any irritation.


Clove Bud Essential Oil: While it can’t improve dry skin directly, using Rhassoul clay alongside this essential oil can help to create a fully-rounded wellness experience. This oil is a natural analgesic, used for soothing muscle aches and pains while also stimulating the brain. When using the unique clay mask with this essential oil, you can enjoy smooth, healthy skin as well as improved attentiveness and energy levels.


How often should I use a Rhassoul clay mask?

Rhassoul clay is gentle enough to be used every day, or whenever it is needed. However using it weekly or monthly can give your skin a regular boost with noticeable results. 


Where can I find it?

Here at ASDM Beverly Hills. We’ve combined the mineral rich Rhassoul clay with the three benefit-boosting ingredients above and more to create a fantastic facemask that is a complete dry skin savior. Free from parabens and other harmful products, it quickly revives dry skin and restores parched complexions using naturally active ingredients.

We recommend applying the product over the entire face and neck, leaving the mask on for just 10 minutes in order to enjoy maximum results. It is a quick but effective treatment for dry skin.

If you suffer from dry, cracked skin but want to treat it with natural ingredients, our Rhassoul clay mask could be the perfect product for you. View our Rhassoul Hydrating Mask online.



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