Why a pure glycolic acid peel should be an essential part of your beauty routine

Every woman has a beauty routine that they follow day in, day out to help them achieve their desired results. Whether that is to keep skin free from blemishes or to reduce the signs of aging, there is no shortage of products which target particular skin concerns. The problem is, your vanity can end up overrun with jars, tubes and pots to treat each skin complaint individually. However, glycolic acid can help to protect and perfect skin from almost every challenge that your complexion will face on its quest for flawlessness.  Before we delve deeper into how it can help, let us explain more about what glycolic acid actually is.


So – what is glycolic acid?

Glycolic acid is an ingredient that is used in gentle but effective chemical peels.

It is naturally derived from sugar cane, although many other similar products on the market use synthesized glycolic acid. All ASDM Beverly Hills ingredients are derived from natural sources, so be aware of the artificial alternatives. Glycolic is part of a group of acids called Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA) – the other acids in this group are also derived from natural substances such as grapes, oranges and even milk!

Glycolic acid is one of the most common AHAs, and is also known to be the safest form of AHA. It can be purchased in various concentrations, with different strengths giving different results. We stock concentrations of pure glycolic acid ranging from 10% to 70%.


Why is it a beauty essential?

Like most things, the secret to the success of the skincare wonder lies in the science. Glycolic acid effectively reveals a new layer of the skin by acting as a great exfoliator when applied. Rather than physically scrubbing away at your skin, which can cause redness and can actually be damaging, the molecules in the AHA gently dissolve sebum and other substances that act like ‘glue’ in the skin’s top layer. With this gone, the cells that were attached are now free to shed, letting fresh new skin shine through.

What are the benefits?

  • It’s a much more effective exfoliator than traditional scrubs.
  • Pore size is reduced and blackheads are banished as part of the exfoliating process.
  • Glycolic acid’s molecules are the smallest out of all of the others in the AHA group. This makes it better at penetrating the skin, helping to target and reduce the appearance of many skin concerns such as oiliness, dullness, wrinkles and more.
  • It can help to treat melasma.
  • Although it is an acid, it is gentle and can actually help to combat dry skin by breaking down and shedding the dull, dead and dry top layers.
  • Collagen production is boosted. A classic study published in Dermatological Surgery in 1998 explained this effect, noting how treatments using glycolic acid increased fibroblast’s (a cell in the connective tissue that is responsible for producing collagen) production of collagen better than other AHA acids such as lactic or malic acid.
  • It can help to soothe the irritation caused by sunburn. A study published in PubMed confirmed this, finding that a 16% reduction in irritation was observed, compared to skin that was left untreated.
  • Not only is it great for your face, but glycolic acid can also be used to treat other areas of the body, helping to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and to aid the process of removing painful ingrown hairs.


There are many reasons why glycolic acid is already an essential part of many people’s beauty routine. And that is why it is so loved! With just one bottle, a multitude of skin conditions and hang-ups can be treated, quickly revealing new skin and helping each user glow with confidence!

ASDM Beverly Hills customers have given our pure glycolic acid peel an average rating of 4.8 out of 5. Browse the product online to learn more about its benefits, get directions on how to use it and to discover which concentration is right to treat your skin. Join our happy beauty buffs and make glycolic acid part of your feel-good beauty ritual too!

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