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When Puffy Eyes Are A Problem Try These Tips

Written By Rafael Marquez - December 15 2017

Puffy eyes are very frustrating to deal with. You wake up ready to face the day and one look in the mirror at those puffed out bags on your face instantly puts you in a bad mood. Regular concealer only makes the problem look worse and stand out more, which you definitely don’t want. Don’t let puffy eyes ruin your day because ASDM Beverly Hills is here to help. There are strategies to combat this issue from occurring no matter what the cause. When puffy eyes continue to be a problem for you, try these tips to remedy the issue fast.

Some Reasons Why Puffiness Occurs

Puffiness around the eye area occurs for a few reasons. One of those reasons is just plain old genetics. If your mother or grandmother had puffy eyes chronically, you may be destined to have them as well. Sorry to tell you this, but there isn’t much you can do to fight genetics. You just have to treat the issue as best as you can to reduce those bags.

Another reason puffiness in the eye area occurs is from allergies, seasonally or year-round, and congestion. You may also be dehydrated and not getting enough water on a daily basis. That also contributes to fluid retention around the eye area. Aim to drink at least 48-64 ounces of water per day at the minimum. 

A Practical Tip On Your Sleeping Position

If you are sleeping at night very flat on your back or stomach, it might help to sleep slightly elevated with two pillows. This helps you wake up with less puffy eyes in the morning. The problem with laying flat is that it’s too much pressure on your face, leading to fluid retention and puffiness. This can be a hard habit for some people to break especially if you are used to sleeping every night with your face mashed into a flat pillow.

Make sure, as well, that you aren’t allergic to your bedding materials. Find hypoallergenic pillows that will help solve the problem if the inner stuffing of your pillows is irritating your face. That fact alone can sometimes be the root of the problem.

In The Morning Try This Immediately

When you wake up, after you cleanse your face, the first thing you want to do is apply an eye cream that will help deflate those bags. Spend time tapping an eye cream or serum like ASDM Beverly Hills Double Caffeine Shot Eye Serum around the eye area. The gentle tapping motion of your ring finger will also help to reduce inflammation in that area. The eye serum itself with caffeine extract is going to act as a natural anti-inflammatory to take that puffiness down a notch. This extract will also help reduce the appearance of dark circles, along with the Vitamin C content of this potent serum. You can also use this serum at night to help you wake up with less puffiness in combination with an anti-aging eye cream like our Age Reversing Eye Cream. That way you'll be fighting wrinkles and puffiness at the same time! 

For Extra Relief

If you still find that puffy eyes are a problem, try an eye mask that you leave in the fridge overnight for an immediate cooling effect. If you don’t have one of these handy plastic masks, you can also use two chilled spoons or cucumbers for the same result. Leave the cooling method on your eyes for at least ten minutes to deflate the inflammation.

With this combination of tips, you’ll find that puffy eyes aren’t such a big problem anymore.

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