What is Maracuja Oil: Exploring Its Most Exceptional Properties

What is maracuja oil?  This secret beauty product by the Aztecs has been drawing raves due to its healing and rejuvenating properties. Derived from the passion fruit and used by the Aztecs for centuries, many people are discovering the unique charm of maracuja oil.

Top 3 Properties of Maracuja Oil

With its natural occurring fatty acids and vitamins, maracuja oil gives skin a much-needed harmony. It also has a less greasy feel compared to other beauty products, making it ideal for a broader segment of users. No wonder, it has stood the test of time and remains unmatched by other synthetic products.

To know maracuja oil thoroughly, you need to take a closer look at its properties. Here are a few of the wonders of maracuja oil that make it one of the most outstanding beauty products.

  1. Reduction of Skin Inflammation
    This property of maracuja oil is important since inflammation is the root of most diseases. To relieve pain in muscles and joints that contribute to inflammation, massage ASDM Beverly Hills’ maracuja oil over the affected area.

    Its vitamin C content contributes to the production of collagen. Collagen, in turn, restores and reconstructs skin cells and lessens blemishes.
  2. Sleep Inducer
    Maracuja oil helps relieve insomniac tendencies. It has a soothing feel that could instantly calm one’s nerves. Furthermore, maracuja oil contains alkaloids, including Harman, which can help sedate a person.

    To have a good night’s sleep, add a certain amount of oil to bathwater. The water will release steam with an aroma that soothes your senses. You may also apply a few drops of oil to your pillow to help you sleep faster.
  3. Instant Skin Moisturizer
    Maracuja oil helps in hydration, making it ideal for dry skin. It is a natural emollient, restoring smoothness of skin in no time. For people with sensitive skin, try applying a small amount first. If no irritation occurs, you can apply it handily to the rest of the skin.

    For larger areas, you can dilute the maracuja oil and add it to olive oil. That way you can thoroughly spread the maracuja base to the entire area.

Make Maracuja Oil Your Number 1 Habit

With all the exceptional benefits of maracuja, it is a skincare treatment you should strongly consider. The fact that its benefits come from its all-natural properties is what makes it stand above the rest.

Here at ASDM Beverly Hills, we have pure maracuja oil made especially for discerning users. This oil is organic and unrefined, ensuring that you get the maximum benefits it can offer. Just use one to two pumps, and apply to the face or other skin areas you would like to cure. Get it at a special offer from our website today!

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