One of the best alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) is glycolic acid. This classification of acids for skincare can help with total skin rejuvenation. Once you start using glycolic acids, you’ll wonder how your skin ever looked good without them. They are one of the most effective ways to exfoliate deep down for a better overall complexion.

 Glycolic acid comes in many different forms of skincare from peels, pads, to cleansers and moisturizers. It’s up to you to figure out which ones will work best for your skin, but this handy guide on glycolics will help you decide. Keep in mind, start on the lower end of glycolic acids strength-wise to let your skin adjust to using it. Most people even with sensitive skin can tolerate using glycolic acids as part of an effective skincare regimen.


How A Glycolic Acid Is Defined

As the smallest molecule AHA, glycolic acids are powerful skincare ingredients. Glycolic acid comes from naturally occurring fruit acids derived from sugar cane. It’s well tolerated by most people who glean its many benefits. One of which is the ability to penetrate the layers of the skin deep down.

 That’s the main reason skincare companies use it to exfoliate for a renewed appearance. Basically with an at home concentration of at least 10-20 percent, you can get a daily exfoliation that helps to get rid of dead skin cells. Once you rid your skin more routinely of dead skin cell build up, your face is going to naturally be more radiant, respond better to moisturizer, and the overall improvement is measurable.


Retexturize Your Skin

The benefit of retexturizing your skin with glycolic acids is for a more even tone and uniform texture. Your skin will be smoother, glowing, and with less marks and old acne scars. Even hyperpigmentation or sun spots are faded over time with routine glycolic use.

 One of the best ways to try this in your skincare regimen is with glycolic peel pads. They couldn’t be easier to use. ASDM Beverly Hills makes Glycolic Acid Pads 10 % and 20%. You can start with the lower strength if you are new to using glycolic, and work your way up to the higher level, if you need to. Each jar contains 40 applications, so you have over a month of daily treatments.


Encourages Cell Turnover

When you are actively encouraging cell turnover in your skin, it’s going to show up with less imperfections, fewer wrinkles, and will retain hydration better for a more voluminous appearance. You want your skin to appear radiant and full of moisture. By getting rid of that unnecessary layer, you are going to reveal the fresher, newer skin underneath. That skin will look more beautiful and healthy, when you use your at-home peel kit each day.   


Try A Glycolic Acid Peel

When you are looking to use a glycolic acid peel that doesn't come in pad form, it’s going to be a three-step solution that starts with a Pre-Peel Treatment Pad, swiped all over the skin avoiding the eye area. Then you apply the solution that’s actually the glycolic acid in a concentration of 10%-70%. Start with 10 %, if you are new to glycolics and move your way up as your skin gets used to the treatment. Then the Glycolic Acid Peel solution goes on for 1-5 minutes and as the final step gets neutralized with the Post Peel Treatment Serum.


It’s Even Great For Acne Prone Skin

If you have found that nothing seems to take care of deep down blackheads, and other acne blemishes, glycolic acids peels might be your miracle solution. It truly dissolves those layers of clogged sebum that are contributing to your acne prone skin and congestion.

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