Turn towards a Balanced Life – Change your Lifestyle for your Pitta Health

Our present lifestyle has made us extremely busy and reliant on many fabricated sources of nature. There’s absolutely no room for physical and mental relaxation with the schedules we follow and, that my friend, is from where a stubborn and unruly problem arises. Now you may wonder what the problem is, you are earning good money, managing your personal and professional lives, travelling, having fun and everything seems to be in place. But, you are forgetting something really important, and the worse is you are doing IT without a thought.

Before I solve this hidden secret with you, I’m going to tell you who I am – I am a Health and Fitness Blogger and I support thousands of people across the globe, virtually through my articles and e-books and with that said let me take you through the biggest and major stumbling block of today’s time. The important one I was talking about is YOU! Yes, totally – YOU! You take care of everyone and everything around you but can you tell me how much time you spend behind yourselves? I bet you’d keep wondering but today, right now I am going to share with you a simple yet powerful approach that will not only heal you physically but will bring peace to your mental and emotional state.


Ayurveda – An Ancient and Scientific Technique of Wellbeing

Ayurveda is a Sanskrit term, आयुर्वेद which means the knowledge of Life. It is an Indian approach of complementary or alternative medications that are not only accepted and used to treat medical issues but also to improve the health and wellness of a human being. Ayurveda medicines are used around the world by millions of people and have gained popularity because of its long-term effects and benefits.


The In-depth Understanding of Pitta and the Balancing Act

I know what you’re thinking – What is Pitta? Well, it’s simple! In English, it means body heat. It is a collective conceptualization which comprises of heat, digestion and transformation in a human body. The production and discretion of acid from the stomach, dark fluids from the liver and inflammation is what we call Pitta. The most amazing and interesting fact about this principle is that it contributes to bringing colour to your body and eyes. And, not to mention the worst bit and imbalance of it is what causes terrible, smelly and deadly body odour.


The Importance of Balancing Pitta

The Pita Dosha has power over the metabolism and transformation of the mind and body. It controls the metabolism rate, digestion of food and helps us differentiate between what is correct and what is not. It controls the digestive fires (in Sanskrit it is called ‘agni’) of our bodies.

The excess of Pitta can be the root of number of health problem related to our physical and mental being. Some of which are,

A.) Stomach Problems – Indigestion, Diarrhea and Constipation

B.) Sickness and dizziness while skipping meals

C.) Inflammation in joints and other parts of the body

D.) Gas problems, Acid Reflux, Heartburn and Ulcers

E.) Unusual feeling of heat in the body

F.) Body Odour and Bad Breath

E.) Sweating more beyond normalcy

These are a few issues people face physically when there is an imbalance of Pitta in the body. Apart from these people also face difficulties in balancing their mental state,

a.) Frustration, Short-temperedness and Irritation

b.) Impatience, Intolerance

c.) Judgemental and Criticism

The ones I stated above are conventional traits of someone who has Pitta complications. Now, you may feel physical and mental states like these are very common depending on the situation such as over-indulgence of foods or due to unforeseen conditions or circumstances. The key problem to any health condition is negligence and dietary disparity.

There are three main nutrients that are essential for our bodies – Fats, Carbs and Proteins. A disproportion of these elements in your regular diets can lead to all or some of these common issues. The simplest way to treat Pitta imbalance is by making a shift in your eating habits which means replacing your fast food meals with natural sources of foods.


Balancing Pitta through Diet –Transforming of Your Mind and Body

The best benefits of switching from artificial meals to natural foods are that these are pocket friendly. I know your favourite joints serve the best prep meals but believe it or not you are going to pay some hefty amounts later if you don’t turn your faces away from it. I am sure you want to know if preparing this diet is going to be time consuming or not? Well NO, not at all! In fact it is only going to add extra healthiness and happiness to your lifespan. Here’s a list of foods you can mix and match, cook and/or eat raw depending on your preference,


Fruits and Veggies

Fruits are great energy sources especially the ones that are sweet. Add some season fruits such as mangoes, peaches, pineapples, cherries, melons, coconuts, pomegranates, grapes and oranges to your diet and you will never complain of having hunger pangs between meals plus it’ll flush out the toxins in your body.


Tip: I would advise people to consume fruits that are ripe and not too sour for better results


Green leafy vegetables are healthy, PERIOD! And, we all know it. Yet, another energy booster that helps you stay active and strong. Potatoes, cucumbers, carrots, beets, broccoli, cauliflower, celery, onions, radishes, spinach are a few essentials and must haves as your customary meals. Cook them with sunflower oil and coconut oil for best results and if you’re totally health conscious and are looking at reducing some of your inches add olive oil and an alternative to these.


Tip: Corn oil, sesame and almond oils can breach your Pitta balance – So, be careful of these



This one’s another crucial aspect of your diet; dairy products such as milk, ghee and butter are food items that can stabilize your Pitta for good. However, sour dairy products such as buttermilk, cream, cheese and yogurt should be used in lesser quantities if needed.



Cooked meals don’t taste great unless they are assorted spices. Coriander, fennel, cinnamon and cardamom add flavours and colours not just to your meals but also your health. But, we also have a few spices need to be used consciously while cooking which are salt, black pepper, ginger, clove, celery seeds, cloves and mustard seeds.

Tip: Avoid using chilli peppers to keep your Pitta in control

Whoa, now this is awesome and inexpensive, isn’t it? There are a few habits I would recommend you to eliminate if possible or reduce to occasions such as alcohol, caffeine and meals containing hydrogenated fats or trans-fats. Also, you may avoid having too hot or too cold foods and beverages for notable results.

Here we are at the end of this article and I am going to leave you with a cardinal rule for succeeding in any diet or health conquest – Stay hydrated! Drink lots and lots of water, at least 8 glasses a day so that the harmful toxins in your body are flushed out.

I know you are self-less and that is exactly why I endorse clean dietary habits for you so that you can enjoy the moments you spend with your loved ones and keep your health issues at the bay. Happiness is being Healthy!


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