What Emu Oil Can Do For Your Skin

How you heard of what emu oil can do for your skin? It’s true! This unique and nourishing oil that comes from the famous flightless bird is a treasure trove of skin improving treats for your body and face. You may think it’s a little odd to consider using “bird oil” to improve your skin, but once you try it you’ll be hooked on everything this oil can do for your skin. Plus, it's actually more affordable than many other typical facial oils. Let’s explore a little bit more about emu oil, so you can determine if it’s right for your own skin.

The Origins Of Emu Oil

Since the exceptional emu bird is originally from Australia, the people of that country have been using the oil for centuries as their go-to product for a litany of skin issues all over the body. The bird itself is the second largest bird in the world and very common to parts all over the mainland of Australia. For all the animal lovers out there that worry about conservation, this bird is rated as one of “least concern” by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

The Benefits Of Daily Use

The reason emu oil is so beneficial for the skin is due to the fact that the oil has a terrific amount of fatty acids, including oleic acid which is an omega-9 fatty acid. It also has omega-3 and omega 6, which are linolenic acid and linoleic acid respectively. As high tech as these fatty acids sounds, they are truly the backbone of antioxidants for your skincare routine.

When you incorporate these fatty acids into your skincare on a regular basis the antioxidants help to prevent premature aging in the skin. Your skin will be more fortified and prepared to fight free radicals in the environment, so that it looks more beautiful and radiant in the long run. The silky light texture feels wonderful on the skin with a fast absorption rate that won’t leave your skin looking too shiny. You can easily layer your regular moisturizer, serums, or makeup right over this facial oil.

How Emu Oil Improves Skin

Emu oil has some unique properties that allow it to treat a variety of skincare issues. For those with problematic skin, acne is improved due to the antibacterial nature of the emu oil. Plus, skin disorders like eczema are treated when you use emu oil on a regular basis.

 A non-comedogenic oil that improves the moisture levels in your skin, this is one that you can use twice a day, morning and night, as your facial oil under a regular moisturizer. It’s also great to incorporate in tandem to hydrate the skin after using any of ASDM Beverly Hills glycolic or lactic acid chemical peels or masks. Emu oil can also speed up the healing rate in your skin. The combination is definitely a skin regeneration powerhouse for the best skin of your life!

Buy The Best Quality Emu Oil From ASDM Beverly Hills

Our Natural Green Brand Emu Oil that we offer on the ASDM Beverly Hills website is 100 percent pure and triple refined to bring you the highest quality product you can buy. It’s light yellow in color and practically odorless, for a superior skin oil experience that you’ll love using each day. Over time the noticeable improvements in your skin’s tone and texture will be evident when you look in the mirror.

Oil from a bird may sound like a strange concept, but the benefits pure emu oil will bring to your skin are definitely worth trying for yourself.

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