The Real Deal behind Salicylic Acid Peel, AHAs, and Acne Scars

Oh, the dreaded acne breakout— that confidence-busting leader of skin issues. And just when you think it’s over, the next problem rears its head: pesky acne scars that can stay around for months! But with a salicylic acid peel, glycolic cream, and other AHA-containing products, you can finally say goodbye to your pimpled past. Here’s how!

What are acne scars, exactly?

Acne scars are formed when acne deeply penetrates the tissues beneath the skin. While all acne scars may look the same, it’s divided into different types. This is important since each type requires a different kind of treatment.

  • Depressed or atrophic scars

These are commonly found on the face and sit below any surrounding skin. They are formed after an acne wound heals without enough collagen. These are further classified into three types:

  • Boxcar – shallow/wide U-shaped and wide scars with edges; responds well to skin resurfacing treatments
  • Ice pick – V-shaped, narrow, and deep scars similar to oval holes; they are very difficult to treat since they tend to extend way under the skin
  • Rolling – irregular, wide depressions with a rolling appearance
  • Raised or hypertrophic scars

They appear above the skin surface and are more commonly found in the back and chest. Raised or hypertrophic scars are formed when acne wound healed with too much collagen.

  • Dark spots

You might have observed a dark spot left behind by a pimple; that’s not a scar. Varies in color (brown, red-purple), they will fade over time without treatment.

Erasing Acne Scars with AHAs and BHA

Alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) and beta hydroxy acid (BHA) are the superstars of the skincare world. At the right concentrations, they are very effective at fighting many problems like age spots, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, and acne. Their potent exfoliating properties, however, make them work so well with acne scars.

Here are three main acids you should be using in your routine:

  • Salicylic acid (BHA)

From lotions to pads to salicylic acid cleanser, you'll find salicylic acid in almost every acne treatment out there. It's generally one of the best treatments available for acne scars.

This BHA reduces swelling, brings down redness, and clears pores. Applied topically, it gently but thoroughly exfoliates the skin. To clear up acne scars, you can add products containing salicylic into your regimen or use stronger salicylic acid peels.

  • Lactic acid (AHA)

If you’re new to the AHA family, then it’s a good idea to start with lactic acid. It’s milder and more hydrating than its cousin, glycolic acid. It works very well against those dark spots left behind by pimples. Used regularly, it will lighten those spots and help you regain a more even tone.

  • Glycolic acid (AHA)

Being the smallest AHA, glycolic acid gets further into the skin more than any other AHA.

This makes glycolic acid an all-around powerhouse against acne scars. It exfoliates the skin, fades dark spots, evens out texture, and increases skin thickness for those depressions. Glycolic acid is one of the finest chemical peels you can get as well.

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