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The New Way To Apply Toner That Totally Makes Sense

Written By Rafael Marquez - December 08 2017

Have you heard about a new trend in toners? Just to give you a little background on toner itself, it has been used for centuries for a few different reasons. One of those is to bring the pH level of the skin back up to normal after being subjected to a cleanser and water. Both can sometimes be pretty harsh on the skin’s surface. The other reason toner is so beneficial for the skin is that it can help to target some skin issues, such as dryness, uneven tone, oiliness, or even just to sweep away the extra debris that your regular cleanser is leaving behind after you wash. It may be an extra pampering step, but it’s so worth it. For those that love toner, you’re going to want to know this latest trend in how to apply it. Are you ready? It just makes total sense. Let’s find out the details from the skincare pros who know at ASDM Beverly Hills.

The New Way To Apply Toner

The new way people are applying toner is by simply patting it onto the skin and gently massaging it in. Brilliant! Normally with toner, most people use a cotton pad or ball to apply the product. The cotton absorption is actually eating up quite a bit of your precious toner. By patting it onto the skin, you are getting all the benefits and actually saving yourself money in the process because you aren’t wasting any toner this way. All you have to do is apply a few drops of your toner into your clean hands, rub them gently together, being careful not to spill the toner, and pat them over your entire face. Then massage for extra circulation benefits to help aid the absorption of the toner into your facial skin. Don’t forget your neck too.

Two Kinds Of Toner To Try

ASDM Beverly Hills offers two different types of toner to try. For those with oily skin that is acne prone, you’ll want to use ASDM Beverly Hills Salicylic Acid Toner. This not only contains a potent form of salicylic acid to prevent and treat breakouts, but it also has aloe vera to soothe redness, tea tree oil to balance oil production, and lactic acid to help improve skin’s texture. Over time this will even help to reduce the appearance of old acne scars and marks. This is a must-have toner for anyone with oily problematic skin that suffers from occasional blemishes or even more persistent acne.

For those that have normal to dry skin, you’ll benefit from ASDM Beverly Hills Facial Toner Natural. Alcohol-free and meant to boost hydration, leaving skin smooth and supple, this Facial Toner Natural is going to be your new skin’s best friend. With vitamin B5, witch hazel, and honey powder extract it’s a nourishing powerhouse to add to your regimen. You’ll notice a difference right away in the quality of your skin. Silky smooth, more comfortable, and well hydrated all day long are just some of the results you’ll see after just the first use of toner.

Always Hydrate After For Best Results

After you use your toner, patting it on in this new application method, go ahead and follow up with your serums and moisturizers. Toner is actually a part of a more complete skincare regimen that will get your skin better prepared to receive treatments and moisturizer. Right away you’ll notice that when you start using toner, all your other skincare just magically seems to work better. That’s the true gift of toner. It’s a great partner to your entire routine, making it more complete and effective in the long run.

So are you ready to try this new application method to get more out of your toner? Try it for a month and see the results for yourself. You’ll be glad you did!

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