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The Body Lotions You Need To Try For Exceptional Winter Skincare

Written By Rafael Marquez - December 06 2017

The skin on your body needs some extra loving care. This is especially true during the cold winter months. With all that freezing cold air outside and the damaging indoor heating elements we all endure to warm up our homes, your skin’s top layer can be dried out in the process. It may feel tight, dry, and have flakes that you want to banish right away. To do this you need powerful daily moisturizers that will go the distance in hydration all season long. It’s time to turn to ASDM Beverly Hills and what they can offer your body for skin that is silky smooth and soft to the touch. Let’s look at a little closer at four top-selling body lotions of ours to find out which one would be perfect for your own skin and specific conditions you may want to treat.

For Very Dry Or Mature Skin Which Requires Special Care

Skin that is dry and needs extra attention might require an exceptional body lotion. ASDM Beverly Hills Age Defying Massage Lotion is chock full of the finest oils and nourishing antioxidants which will leave skin extra smooth.  Some of the ingredients include pure rosehip seed oil which is loaded with Vitamin E to maintain skin’s moisture levels, grape seed extract as a potent antioxidant to prevent aging in the skin, and aloe vera to soothe. You’ll find that once you use this massage lotion on a regular basis, your skin is enriched and healthy looking.

Skin That Needs Extra Exfoliation To Get Rid Of Flakes

One of the problems with very dry skin in the wintertime is flakes. Flaky skin is due to a dehydrated surface that feels rough and tight. The best way to minimize the appearance of uneven texture and tone is with a moisturizer that exfoliates while it hydrates. ASDM Beverly Hills Pure Glycolic Acid Body Lotion is the one to try that’s formulated with 15 percent glycolic AHA and 5 percent lactic acid. When those two powerful chemical exfoliators are combined with skin conditioning agents, like Vitamin E and grape seed extract, your skin will have a new blissful smoothness that you can feel.

A Lotion For All Skin Types With Fast Absorption

For any skin type that wants to maintain healthy moisture levels, try ASDM Beverly Hills Porcelain Doll Lotion. Its fast absorption is one of the best quality of this lotion. You can apply it right after your shower or bath and get dressed right away. With honey extract, silk peptides, and jojoba oil this moisturizer simply gets the job done by making your skin feel just right.

To Help Treat Skin Conditions

If you have serious skin issues like eczema or psoriasis, then ASDM Beverly Hills Tepezcohuite Complex Body Lotion is going to be your new best friend. With tepezcohuite powder extract that helps to soothe irritated skin, this works wonders on skin’s biggest problems. It’s also perfect to use after shaving to prevent bumps and redness.

ASDM Beverly Hills lotion selections for the body will keep your skin in tip-top shape all winter long. When springtime finally comes you won’t have to be afraid to bear your skin in shorts and skirts. Healthy skin all year long is possible with any of these exceptional body lotions.

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