October 16, 2016
The Anti-Cancer Lifestyle – Inexpensive Foods that’ll change your Life

The evolution of mankind is one of the most elaborative and never ceasing topics of all times. Human species have emerged as powerful beings over hundreds and thousands of centuries. In the primitive age people would hunt their food and eat absolutely everything for their survival. And, now! Now, if you talk about going back to hunting meals, you’ll definitely turn into a laughing stalk. The way of living has changed; life was really simple and very active a few decades back but now with the advancements and globalization of tangible and intangible commodities is just a click away.

Nowadays the most uncommon ailments have become very common. It was back in 460-370 BC that Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, had found out and researched about the disease Cancer and its diverse kinds. Eventually there came many researchers who moved forward with finding out more about each kind and trying to look for cures for each. In the current times, there are higher numbers of people who suffer from Cancer – some of which are curable and some are not. Fortunately, the Cancers that are detected at an early stage (Stage 1 and 2) can be cured through radiations.

I know what you are worried about, your loved ones and your own health and you may have a million thoughts and emotions crossing your mind at the moment. But, guess what – I’ve got good news for you! I can’t give you a treatment or cure for this infamous disease but I can definitely help you keep it at the bay with some hacks that can help you fight it.

Okay, so I am going to take you through the important aspects of Cancer – Reasons behind its occurrence and how to prevent it? I am also going to introduce you to some magical Indian herbs, spices and foods that will help you avert this illness.

The number one myth I want to bust about Cancer is that this sickness does not spread via communication or physical touching. Cancer is NOT Contagious.

You may wonder why am I mentioning the very obvious, well it’s because still exist people on this planet who do not know the very cardinal fact that this is not a disease that escalates by touching, kissing, having physical intimacy (SEX) or breathing the same air.

What is Cancer? The Common Reasons and Causes of Cancer

Cancer is the most known diseases in today’s time but very little do people know about the crux of it. Cancer is a malignant growth or tumour that forms due to uncontrollable division of abnormal cells in a specific part of the human body.

Men and women face different ailments when it comes to the type of Cancer, Men usually suffer from oral, lungs, stomach, esophagus and pharyngeal cancers whereas women suffer from breast and cervix cancers.

There are three main reasons and causes of Cancer,

1.) Genetics

Some types of Cancers are hereditary which means they run in the family. The probabilities of a person with a medical background of cancer may be more vulnerable to this disease than the ones who have not faced a similar condition in their families earlier but like I said it’s a probability so either ways being cautious and careful of your health is the best you can do in such a situation.

2.) Tobacco – Chewing and Smoking

More than one fourth population on this planet suffer from Cancer because of this one deadly habit – Tobacco. Men and women who smoke or consume tobacco in any form increase their chances of suffering from cancers related to oral, dental caries, stomach, ovary, colon, kidney, lungs and other parts of the body. Of course, this habit is addictive and cannot be easily let gone off but it’s never to begin.

3.) Diet and Lifestyle

The easiest way to invite Cancer into your system is by following a poor dietaries, unhealthy habits and inactive lifestyle. A person who does not follow healthy ways of living can multiply their chances of catching this incurable disease.

Top 7 Foods and Spices from the Indian Culture to Fight Cancer


An apple a day, keeps the doctor away.

This quote is not new to our ears but do you really know why doctors keep saying that? Well, the most popular fruit of all times consists of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that help in improving the overall health of a person. You may be surprised to know that the nutrition of an apple lies in its peel which consists of 80% Quercetin, an essential to lower the risk of cancer. Consuming an apple a day can keep away stomach, breast and lung cancers.

Berries and Cherries

Yummy, yummy! Who doesn’t like berries and cherries? I’m sure everyone reading this article is fond of these juicy elements of nature. Blueberries is yet another source of antioxidants that is packed with flavonoids and phytochemicals which lessens the possibilities of DNA damage in turn lower the chances of cancer growth. On the other hand, we’ve got Cherries and Cranberries that are rich in Vitamin C and are high on dietary fibre. Are these berries hard to resist anymore?

Green Vegetables

Veggies! Do I even need to introduce you to the benefits of having green leafy vegetables? I don’t think so but I’d like to highlight a few greens that work exceptionally well when we talk about fighting the risks of Cancer. Cabbage, Cauliflower, Sprouts and Broccoli are said to have components that help in reducing inflammation. The component – Beta-carotene controls abnormal cell growth which is one of the major reasons behind Cancer.


One ingredient that adds flavours and colours to any Indian cuisine and is a mandate spice for all dishes is Turmeric. This powdered spice is rich in polyphenol which is yet another ninja against Cancer. And, now that I’m going to mention can be eye-popping – Turmeric has been scientifically proven to stop Cancers related to brain, bones, breasts, liver, colon, stomach, kidney and other parts that are sensitive. It has got a phenomenal ability to hinder the process of abnormal cell growth without affecting the normal cells.


Oohh, Spicy! This one’s another key ingredient in India that makes the food not only tasty but also spicy. Garlic is said to obstruct the formation of cancer building substances in the body. It shrinks the chances of intestinal, stomach, colon and prostate cancers. The best part is that it repairs the DNA and does not allow unwanted cells to develop and kills them before they spread.

There’s a reason they say India an amazing country, it has given the world inexpensive remedies and cures that can help in preventing life-taking diseases like Cancer. You must be wondering where the seventh food or spice is? Of course I cannot end this article without giving one of the most powerful beverages of modern times, Green Tea. One hot cup of this incredibly useful drink can bring a 360 degree transformation in your body not only internally but also externally.

Wait, wait, wait! This is not the end; in fact this is your first step to leading a healthy and carefree lifestyle. If you have tips and hacks that you’d like to share with the world, the comment section is all yours. Happy Living!

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