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Take Your Lashes Up A Notch With This Product (Maxim Eye Lashes)

Written By Rafael Marquez - November 28 2017

Are your lashes on the skimpy side? As we age, it’s a fact of life that our hair tends to thin out a bit. This includes your eye lashes and brows. Unfair, we know! But there is a way to help maximize your lash potential. After all, we just want beautiful lashes and it's surely not too much to ask for a little assistance in that category. Take your lashes up a notch with our revolutionary lash booster. The key is ASDM Beverly Hills Maxim Eye Lashes Serum. Let’s look at the features of this product that can take thinning lashes to a whole new level of fullness.

How Maxim Eye Lashes Works Wonders

For one thing, Maxim Eye Lashes is full of protein-rich peptides that have been formulated to help add body and thickness to your eye lashes. The expert formula lengthens and thickens, all the while also conditioning the lashes to prevent further breakage. Even just washing your mascara off at night can over time break down your eye lashes, leaving them a bit defenseless in the process. Harsh water doesn't help the problem either, which most of us can't avoid when we wash our faces. 

Dry, brittle lashes tend to be very fragile so when you fortify them with a product like Maxim Eye Lashes, it’s like giving your lashes a daily deep conditioning treatment. Silk peptides, hyaluronic acid, hydrolyzed collagen, and keratin protein are all working together to make sure your lashes are the best they can be. This treatment adds a layer of protection and rejuvenation for your lashes that will truly "wow" you with the results. Enough of the science part of our lash serum! You just want to know what it can do for your eye lashes with help for your lashes that you can see.

Use Daily For Optimal Results

Better lashes aren't going to happen overnight, but with regular use, you’ll see results within 2-6 weeks. The longer you use it the better your lashes with be, it’s just that simple. All you do is swipe on a layer with the spoolie mascara wand of the lash serum at night. Make sure you coat the lash line from base to tip to make sure you're getting the entire lash the beneficial treatment they need to grow long and strong.

Here’s The Best Part Of Maxim Eye Lashes Serum 

One of the best parts of Maxim Eye Lashes is that it’s not just for your lashes. You can use it on your brows too! Have you over-plucked those brows in your life and they just don’t grow as full as they used to? It’s a problem many people face over the years with too much plucking or waxing at the salon. Full brows are in again! So it’s time to make sure you are giving them a conditioning serum to help maximize their potential.

Safer Than Extensions

Another great benefit is that Maxim Eye Lashes as a nutrient-rich serum is much better for your lashes than eye lash extensions. While extensions may look beautiful in the moment, the wear and tear they give your lashes make them worse off in the long run. Broken. Damaged. Thinner than ever before. It’s so much safer to go with a serum that is going to help your lashes grow thicker from root to tip. Then you can show them off all on their own or with the mascara of your choice.

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