August 22, 2016
Suffering from Hyperpigmentation? Try Melasma 4 Serum

Although there are many issues which could disrupt the beauty of our face, none of them come as close to doing the same amount of damage as hyperpigmentation, which is the unsightly appearance of dark spots on our face. This skin ailment not only affects the quality of our skin, but it also goes deeper into our emotional state, affecting our confidence level. Treating it becomes a top priority, and finding the right product can become an arduous task with so many products out there on the market.

For those of us who have already spent a fortune on brightening creams, we can testify that most of them fail to perform as expected. In some cases, the creams – instead of mitigating the problem, exacerbate it, much to our utter dismay. These dark spots which would otherwise be in small patches, begin to invade our entire face becoming even more prominent.

If you find yourself in these shoes, our Melasma 4 Serum is a must-have for you! In addition to clarifying your skin, it is also formulated to bring out your skin’s natural health through gentle exfoliation and collagen proliferation.

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How is it different?

Most lightening products out in the market are either too strong or they lack the combined concentration of exfoliating and lightening ingredients. With our Melasma 4 Serum, we have created a unique concoction that consists of 4 mega ingredients: Kojic Acid, Glycolic acid, Hydroquinone and Lactic Acid. Kojic acid and Hydroquinone help to simultaneously suppress melanin production putting a halt to the spreading of these dark spots. Glycolic acid and Lactic acid work harmoniously to create an exfoliating medium that is neither too harsh or drying on skin. A mild concentration of these actives combined with hydrating and nourishing inactives, help to accomplish flawless skin in stages.

For example, in the first stage, this serum will eradicate superficial damage, brightening the epidermis of the skin. In this step, your skin will be clear of those pesky pigments. In the 2nd step, this serum will penetrate into your skin halting the over production of melanin (Melanin is the main culprit behind the formation of pigments on your skin). The combined effect is a brighter clearer complexion you can definitely feel good about.

What are the Ingredients?

While other serums will, at best, only eradicate pigments from your skin, our serum addresses the issue from the beginning, gently but swiftly transforming your skin with each use. How does it outperform our competitors? First, let’s turn our attention to the ingredient which suppress the formation of melanin.

Being a byproduct of rice fermentation, Kojic Acid is a high performing ingredient which will rid your skin from those pigments. Since it contains copper, Kojic acid will lower the pH level of your skin. The lowering of pH levels will then inhibit the formation of melanin.

Another substance in the fight against pigments, is hydroquinone. An antioxidant in composition, it will reduce the oxidation of radicals. After these radicals fail to oxidize, their ability to produce melanin will also suffer. Consequently, it will reduce the formation of pigments on your skin.

Now, let’s turn our attention to how the Melasma 4 Serum makes your skin brighter and lighter. This property is imparted to it by the world famous glycolic acid. In stark contrast to our competitors – who produce this substance synthetically, here, at ASDM Beverly Hills, the product is obtained naturally from sugar cane.

Upon application, it will exfoliate the dead skin on the surface, bringing clearer, healthier skin to light. Therefore, while the first two ingredients – hydroquinone and Kojic Acid, will remove pigments, the glycolic acid will make your skin fresh and healthy.

How to Use it?

Let’s turn our attention to the most crucial part: usage. Remember, if you feel that the affected area could be exposed to the sun, only apply serum at night. However, if you don't go frequently in the sun, you could use twice daily.

Lastly, there is another caution for you to observe. Since your skin contains two types of dark areas – natural and pigmented, only apply the serum on those areas which contain pigments. Otherwise, it could also reduce the complexion of the other areas as well.

Final thoughts

In the final part of this article, I would like to discuss another advantage of our serum: it operates indiscriminately. For example, while most of the other anti-pigment serums work on fair skin, the Melasma 4 Serum works on all skin types and tones. However, due to genetics, the effects of this serum might take more time to be visible on certain skin types.


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