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Stuck Inside This Winter? Have A Home Spa Day

Written By Rafael Marquez - January 12 2018

The winter can be brutally long to deal with. Cloudy skies, snowy days, and less than optimal temperatures may have many people stuck inside with nothing to do but binge Netflix on an endless loupe. How many reruns of “Friends” can you take? The boredom just goes on and on! We have a cool and beneficial solution for you.

If you’re stuck inside this winter, do something amazing for your skin. Have a home spa day. Not only will this benefit your skin, but doing something pampering for yourself can boost your mental outlook as well, making you feel good in the process. Everyone needs a little winter skincare nourishment. Here are the steps for a fabulous home spa day that you can do alone or with a group of your best gal pals.

Head To Toe Spa Care

You want to focus on doing one spa treatment on three areas of your body. Those areas are your hair, your face, and your body. All right, it's just head to toe spa care for you. Gather up your supplies, light some soft candles, and make a pitcher of cucumber-citrus spa water to sip through the day. You can even play some soothing spa music to set the mood for a total relaxation experience. 

Deep Condition Your Hair For Silky Soft Shine

For your hair, all you need is a deep conditioner or raw virgin coconut oil, if you want to go the more natural route. Slather your conditioner on your hair from root to tip at the start of your spa day. You want this to be your first step, since you can do the other treatments while the conditioner soaks into your hair. Leave it on your dehydrated strands for at least 2-3 hours for best results.

Detox Your Face For Brighter Skin

While your hair is being deep conditioned, it’s time to treat your face with a detoxifying treatment. ASDM Beverly Hills Activated Charcoal Kit is the perfect spa treatment to use at home. First, you cleanse your skin with the Detox and Renew Charcoal Cleanser. Activated charcoal is a well-known treatment that helps to draw out toxins in the skin. They use this kind of charcoal in high-end spas all around the world, so why shouldn't you use this ingredient in your own home? 

Next, you use the Charcoal Mask as your second step. Smooth it all over your skin with the fan brush that comes with the kit and then leave the mask on for 2-10 minutes. The active ingredients in this mask, like green tea extract, glycolic acid, and grapefruit seed extract, are a powerful infusion of antioxidants to revitalize and rejuvenate the skin. After you rinse, your skin is going to be bright and radiant.

Make sure that after any mask based treatment, you hydrate that new skin underneath with your regular serum and moisturizer.

Exfoliate Your Body For Smoother Texture

The winter can be drying on the skin all over your body. If you have some rough patches, you’ll want to do a total body exfoliation. First, dry brush your skin if you have this type of long-handled brush on hand. This can improve circulation and get rid of flaky skin.

Next, you want to use a body exfoliation product. Sugar based scrubs mixed with oils like argan and olive oil can buff away dehydrated skin flakes to reveal smoother skin and hydrate at the same time. 

Then jump into the shower to rinse your body from head to toe. When you get out hydrate damp skin immediately with a nourishing body lotion, like our Porcelain Doll Lotion and you’ll be blissed out from your spa day experience.

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