Snake Venom for Cleopatra like Beauty

Can you think of anything common among snail goo, nightingale poop and whale vomit?  You must have started feeling giddy after reading these terms, but will certainly feel excited if you get to know that all these are used as beauty secrets. In fact, all these can do such wonders which not even your most expensive beauty products can ensure. Yes, every woman wants to keep these things secretive as who would like to reveal that the secret behind one’s beauty lies in a bird or animal’s poop!

Now, the desperation to get beautiful, wrinkle free skin has touch higher levels and one would be astonished to know how snake venom is making its place on your dressing table and becoming a part of the beauty secrets.

Cleopatra, the Symbol of Beauty or Venomous Beauty

Who doesn’t go to a fancy world when told about a product used by Cleopatra to maintain her beautiful skin? Yes, snake venom was used by the world fancy queen Cleopatra to maintain her youth and get wrinkle free skin. Here comes the same trend again where people are going crazy for venomous treatments to keep wrinkles and fine lines at bay. Not only as moisturizers, it is also being used in facials to give immediate youthful and supple skin. In fact, it’s proving to be the easiest and the most natural way to maintain one’s beauty.

Mere imagination of a snake makes one feel scared; forget about the expressions when one gets to see it in reality. Yes, isn’t it frightening? But, what if I say that using snake’s venom can give you the world beauty icon Cleopatra like beautiful skin? Don’t be surprised! It’s true and snake’s venom has been widely used nowadays in various beauty products for reviving your skin and blessing you with soft, supple and beautiful skin.

Snake Venom Face Cream and Facials for Wrinkle Free Skin

In fact, a face cream made of snake venom has already become one of the best creams for fighting against wrinkles and other ageing symptoms. This idea might seem wacky to many, but because of its Botox-like effect, the concept is gaining wide acceptance. Snake venom facials are also prevalent now in which a synthetic version of snake venom is used to benefit the users with the paralyzing effect of a temple viper's venom.

Its effects have been found better than Botox injections for getting rid of ageing symptoms. Unlike Botox, it not only lessens wrinkles, but also allows the face movement and emotion. It’s an amazing option for those who don’t want to be injected with Botox to get rid of skin degenerative effects.

How does Snake Venom work on your Skin?

So, how is it possible? What magic can snake venom do on your skin and give you Cleopatra like beauty? It has miraculous impact on one’s skin especially to combat wrinkles. Amino acids present in the venom of a snake blocks those nerve signals which cause our muscles to contract and thus stops the formation of wrinkles.

People who have been using snake venom facial have given wonderful reviews about it and continue to experience a relaxing effect on the skin. The ingredients used in the snake venom facial give signal to the muscle receptors not to contract thus achieving a soothing Botox effect on the skin.

Let’s understand it this way, the bite of a snake paralyses the whole body of the person or animal stung. In the similar manner, the venom used in beauty treatments paralyzes the skin and slows down the process of skin degeneration in the entire body. The snake venom products prove to be highly efficient in controlling the muscle contractions.

Customize your Snake Venom Facial as per your Skin Needs

The best part is most of the snake venom facial treatments available in the cosmetic market can also be customized according to needs of a customer’s skin. With the usage of snake venom moisturizers and facial treatments, people see remarkable improvement in the wrinkles and fine lines on the skin.

The skin is gently and deeply moisturized by the usage of snake venom and, prevents the development of lines and wrinkles. Yes, you get to enjoy all the benefits of snake venom without being bitten.

Everyone Smitten by this Wonder Treatment- Found better than Botox

Not just the celebrities, but even commoners are queuing up for this amazing remedy for curbing ageing factors. The best part is one gets to enjoy incredible result without being injected with any foreign element inside the body as it is done with Botox injections.


So, get the skin you always dreamt of not by regular sittings of facials, but enjoy immediate effect with the usage of snake venom facial. Yes, the effect is much faster than other options available in the market for dealing with anti-ageing factors.


Snake Venom Treatments- Widely Popular with Celebrities

Usage of snake venom is gaining fast popularity and gaining wide recognition all over the world. In fact, it has brought a new revolution in the world of beauty. The trend has not limited to Bollywood or Hollywood, but becoming a highly convincing package of every saloon.

I am sure, you must also have got sick of injecting your face with toxic chemicals in order to get younger looking skin, but now all this is possible without any such harmful experiments.

Don’t bother about Safety- It’s completely Harmless

Mostly the snake venom facials are based on micro venom technology which is completely safe for the skin of an individual. In fact, it can be used by people of any skin type and its incredible results can be enjoyed.

People who rely on Botox need to take frequent injections for maintaining its anti-ageing results which may harm the person in long run however; application of snake venom on one’s skin is a comparatively hassle-free and painless procedure which can be easily incorporated in one’s beauty care regimen. Within just three weeks of consistent application, users start experiencing a dramatic difference in the number of fine lines and wrinkles on their skin

Some of the hottest Hollywood celebs Arie, Josh Duhamel and Fergie have already become big fans of this face lift procedure. It doesn’t really matter if you are a fresh-faced beauty or looking for a new beauty product to beautify your skin, snake venom skin care products will always be the right choice for you.

So, what are you waiting for? Snake venom products can be easily procured as it’s now easily available in various online stores. Till date, you kept on treating your skin with all those chemicals, now grab the most natural way of maintaining the freshness of your skin. Don’t worry! It has been proved to be completely harmless and moreover, highly effective than various other expensive products available in the market for fighting anti-ageing factors. Yes, keep your youth intact with venomous applications without being bitten.

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