Skincare Tips For The Big Wedding Day

The biggest day of your life is here! Luckily you’re totally prepared and ready to walk down that aisle. About a year before, you hopefully revamped your skincare to make sure your skin is in the best shape of its life. That may have included a completely new skincare regimen including the right moisturizers and serums, a chemical peel on a weekly basis of top-notch AHAs, like glycolic acid, from ASDM Beverly Hills, and masks to take care of issues right up to the wedding day.

Now that the big day is here, what should you do with your skin to make sure it looks perfectly flawless all day long? Here are some tips just for your wedding day that will make you look your absolute best.

Gentle Care The Day Of Your Wedding

The thing you want to remember is that you’ve done all the aggressive treatments you needed to make improvements in your skin leading up to the wedding. Now it’s all about gentle care the day of your wedding.

Cleanse and tone your skin as you normally would and apply your serum and moisturizer. You want a great base of your skincare to provide the right surface texture for your wedding makeup to be applied. Don’t add anything extra or out of the ordinary the day of your wedding. Sticking to your tried and true ASDM Beverly Hills basic skincare will let your skin look its best without having any type of adverse reaction in the form of redness, irritation, or blotchy looking skin. You don’t want that! The photographer is on their way.

Make Sure You Give Your Skincare Time To Absorb

Before you do your makeup or let your makeup artist apply your foundation and makeup, make sure your skincare has had time to be fully absorbed. Give yourself at least an extra five or ten minutes before you even let any makeup touch your skin.

Your Hyaluronic Acid Serum is going to make sure your skin is dewy and glowing, but it’s also going to make sure your foundation looks even and doesn’t change color throughout the day. Think of it like a skincare primer for your makeup.

Don’t Forget The Eye Cream

This is a very important step in the skincare on your wedding day. You may have had a little bit of champagne and salty foods at your rehearsal dinner the night before, so if you wake up with puffiness, your ASDM Beverly Hills Double Caffeine Shot Eye Cream is going to take care of that. It’s a bride’s best friend for puffy eyes!

A Note On Sunscreen

On a daily basis you want to protect your skin with an SPF, but what about your wedding day? For an outdoor wedding, you are going to need a little SPF protection. Our Tinted UV Physical Sunscreen is perfect for this. It’s an SPF 35, has a matte finish, and even enhances your skin tone. For an outdoor or beach wedding, this is a definite must-have.

If your wedding is completely indoors, you can skip the SPF. Sometimes sunscreen doesn’t photograph very well and can make you look oddly pale or washed out. Leave it out of your skincare and makeup for better photos, if you can. 

Above all for your big day, if you have followed our tips and tricks for the look of your skin, it’s going to be beautiful and radiant. You’ll look back at your photos and know that you had the best skin of your life!

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