August 03, 2016
Revealed: The Fastest Method to Remove Blackheads with Pure Tea Tree Oil

Thanks to hormones, most of us have experienced different types of problems when it comes to our skin. Even in our teens, puberty was the culprit for those pesky blackheads which seemed to appear out of nowhere! These black tiny fellas often concentrated in groups around our nose and, in most cases, on it. Getting rid of them was our #1 priority as it still may be.

While the ordinary pimple may go away with topical ointments, blackheads seem to have developed a resistance to any such treatment. As a result, you need to acquire some top quality oils to remove them from your skin.

However, before we present to you our foolproof method, let’s take a curious look at 4 things you need to know about blackheads …

What are Blackheads

When we enter into the age of puberty, the base of our hairs starts to produce excess sebum. This substance consists of a dark black pigment which turns black when exposed to air. As a result, when the sebum comes on our skin, the formation of pigments is often the next step.

Is Popping them helpful?

    Contrary to the popular opinion, researchers believe that popping or squeezing blackheads isn’t a good idea. When you squeeze a blackhead, its inner “contents” spread on your skin. As a result, there is a very good chance that instead of solving the problem, you will aggravate it by this method.

    How to avoid Blackheads?

      In addition to using our product, there are numerous methods with which you could get a healthier and clearer skin. Sugary foods are one cause of blackheads as their increased level increases the growth of skin cells, thereby clogging the pores. In addition, also avoid unnecessary scrubbing, exfoliating and cleansing of your skin.

      Do Poor habits cause blackheads?

        To a certain extent, Yes. Meagre hygiene, insufficient washing, and extreme scrubbing are some of the many habits that could cause blackheads. Moreover, if you like to eat chocolates, nuts or oily foods, brace yourself to welcome these tiny fellas.

        How does Pure Tea Tree Oil remove blackheads?

          While it is enough on its own, I would recommend using the Pure Tea Tree Oil in a blackhead strip (method given below). Tea Tree Oil is an antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral oil. Its method of functioning is unique as before removing the blackheads, it reduces their frequency on your skin. This fact indicates that the tea tree oil is friendly towards your skin.

          How to make a blackhead strip?

          While there are many easy tasks in the world, making a blackhead strip should come out on top. As you’ll see yourself, it will take only 10-15 minutes for you to make a strip.


          1 TB Gelatin Powder, 1 TB Milk, 2 drops Pure Tea Tree Oil


          Take a heat resistant bowl and add in it 1 TB of milk. Afterward, 1 TB of gelatin, and 2 drops of Pure Tea Tree Oil respectively. Agitate the mixture to ensure complete mixing. Now, put the bowl for 10-minutes in a microwave at medium heat. Congratulations! You’ve done it.

          How to apply the strip

          After dipping your finger in the bowl, coat your nose with it. Allow the strip to remain there for 10-minutes. Now, carefully take the strip off. On this occasion, you will notice that the strip has extracted all the impurities from your nose on its outer surface.

          Tip: Since it is crucial that you use the best products for the blackhead strip, I would recommend you the Pure Tea Tree Oil.

          Rafael Marquez

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