Reasons Why Your Eyelashes Can Benefit From Serum Too

Many beauty fans will use serums regularly as part of their skincare routine, either on their face or applied to targeted areas on the body. These silky, water-based, lightweight liquids are unique in that they are perfect for delivering the nutrients they contain directly to the skin due to their smaller molecular make-up. Never to be used instead of a moisturizer or an oil, serums are most effective when used as part of a comprehensive skincare routine. However, while you may be familiar with applying serum to your face or your body, it’s unlikely that you have ever treated other areas of your face, such as your eyelashes, to the nutrients that they can hold – until now!

Here at ASDM Beverly Hills, we take care in researching the powerful benefits that many skincare ingredients can bring, constantly breaking boundaries to find out new and unusual uses for each one. As part of this mission we discovered a unique eyelash peptide that is perfect for improving the appearance of eyelashes. So perfect, that we developed it into a serum to help our customers enjoy its effects.

So what is in this eyelash serum?


Our unique eyelash peptide

This comprises of water, glycerin and myristoyl pentapeptide-17. It has been clinically tested and proven to lengthen and thicken the appearance of eyelashes. Eyelashes are stronger, thicker and visibly fortified, leaving you with a natural but intense stare that will wow those in your gaze.

Keratin protein

Keratin is an important, fibrous protein in the hair. It is found naturally in the hair, including eyelashes, protecting its outer layer as well as its inner core. However, as hair or eyelashes are damaged then the keratin levels are reduced. This can lead to weak, thin hair follicles. By including keratin protein in our Maxim Eye Lashes serum, we are ensuring that your damaged eyelashes are revitalized, repaired and resorted to their strong, smooth best.


This ingredient holds the secret to keeping your eyelashes smooth, sleek and moisturized – essential for strong, healthy lashes. It is commonly used in skincare due to its ability to hold moisture, which is exactly why we added it to our serum too! What’s more, it combines easily with other ingredients making it a simple but effective addition to our sexy-stare serum.

Coffee extract

Don’t feel your best without your daily dose of caffeine? Your eyelashes could be craving a coffee kick too! The coffee extract in our serum stimulates the roots of the eyelash hair, giving them an injection of energy which encourages stronger hair growth. With the aid of the panthenol and other helpful ingredients, this coffee extract can truly penetrate the eyelash follicle and the roots, leaving you with stunning results.

Hydrolyzed collagen

Again, collagen is something that is more commonly associated with skincare but in fact, it can lead to strong, healthy eyelashes too. While it is often added to skincare products to encourage elasticity and strength, these same benefits can also be achieved when applying it to your hair, including your delicate eyelashes. We used hydrolyzed collagen as it is composed of small amino acids, quickly encouraging the formation of new collagen. This particular kind of collagen has been used in cooking for many years specifically to strengthen the hair – here, we are using it topically for the same effect.


Now you know what is in our Maxim Eye Lashes serum, it’s time to explain why you should be applying any serum at all to your eyelashes. Although it doesn’t need much of an explanation…

Having strong, thick, defined eyelashes has been a beauty goal for women for centuries. In modern times, this has resulted in eyelash extensions raising in popularity. However, using a gentle serum is much safer than installing these extensions, reducing the risk of puffiness, redness and inflammation due to allergic reactions to the toxic glue that is used to hold the false eyelashes in place.

Eyelash serum allows you to enjoy beautiful eye lashes naturally, feeding them with ingredient to improve their appearance rather than damaging them further with the use of harmful, harsh glue and other common eyelash extension ingredients.

Discover our Maxim Eye Lashes serum online today to add a new kind of serum to your daily routine.


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