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Now Is The Time To Improve Sun Spots

Written By Rafael Marquez - November 17 2017

Sadly summertime is over. How’s your skin doing? Were you vigilant about using sunscreen on a regular basis every day? It’s hard to be absolutely perfect on that front. Afterall summer is a time of carefree fun! Even if you diligently wore your SPF 30 each day, you may still be left with some of the summer’s skin damage in the form of sun spots.

What Causes Sun Spots?

Sun spots are considered a form of hyperpigmentation that is brought on by the UV rays (ultra-violet) of the sun. If you spent a ton of time outside in the summer and are prone to sun spots, you’ve probably been left with some discoloration that you’ll want to improve fast. Luckily there are ways to improve the surface of your skin making it more even in tone and texture. The fall through winter season is the perfect time to begin this kind of skin therapy. Brighter, more beautiful skin can be yours when you follow some of the methods in exfoliation that ASDM Beverly Hills has to offer. Let’s explore how to get rid of sun spots quickly with a treatment method that will even out your skin’s tone.

The Answer Is An At-Home Peel

The best way to reduce sun spots with a treatment that works over time is by using an at-home peel. ASDM Beverly Hills At Home Glycolic Acid Peel Kit is a three-step system that comes in different strengths of 10 % to 30 %. If you have never tried a glycolic acid before, you’ll start at 10 % and then work your way up over time, if you need to.

Glycolic Is One Of The Most Effective AHAs

Glycolic acid is considered part of the AHA family. It’s an “alpha-hydroxy acid” that helps to exfoliate the top layer of dead skin cells chemically. This action is what will help to break up the hyperpigmentation that makes up the dark spots on your face. Over time you’ll find these spots fade out to reveal a more even skin tone. This process will essentially allow you to reverse some of the sun damage your skin has sustained this past summer, which is great news.

Other Skin Issues Glycolic Acid Solves

Because the glycolic acid is taking away dead skin cells each time you use the peel, you’ll find that some other skincare problems will be solved in the process. If you have clogged pores or acne issues like blackheads, the acid will gently dissolve acne plugs. Old acne scars will also see an improvement, as will skin’s texture and clarity with regular use. Fine lines and wrinkles may seem less prominent as well. The acids are going to stimulate your skin to produce new collagen, which can make it more fortified and healthy-looking. You’ll notice brighter skin that is more glowing and radiant as the result.

A Note On Sun Protection

Make sure that you are using your sunscreen daily because sometimes glycolic can make your skin more sun sensitive. You don’t want to bring on more sun spots with the incidental sun exposure you get during the winter. That’s basically going from your car to work. Always wear your SPF 30 or even higher to shield the skin all year long.

A great sunscreen to use is ASDM Beverly Hills Tinted UV Physical Facial Sunscreen in an SPF 35. The tint helps to even out skin tone, and the matte finish makes it the perfect daily sunscreen that doesn’t look shiny or greasy. You can even wear your makeup seamlessly over this sunblock.

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