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New Year's Skin Resolutions You Should Be Making

Written By Rafael Marquez - January 03 2018

The new year usually brings about a resolution to get things done right. That includes thinking about your skin. Are you making some key mistakes that could be detrimental to your skin? What are some of the New Year’s skin resolutions you should be making for the best skin of your life in 2018? Let’s explore some that will help you achieve flawless skin that looks glowing and radiant going into the new year. After all, when you are taking care of your skin, it’s going to reward you with fewer problems to worry about and a better overall complexion.

Skin Resolution #5: Amp Up Your Exfoliation

If you aren’t exfoliating as part of your skincare regimen, you’re making a huge mistake with your skin. The results you can get with the proper chemical exfoliation are nothing short of amazing. With that being said, at ASDM Beverly Hills we offer a few types of chemical exfoliation products. The main one is the Glycolic Acid Peel Kit.

 When starting out, go with the 10 % strength and work your way up from there as the months go by. You’ll notice that smoother skin with less clogged pores and fewer imperfections are possible with regular use. You may even notice less lines and wrinkles. Who wouldn’t want that for the new year?


Skin Resolution #4: Never Go To Bed With Your Makeup On


 The is definitely an important resolution to make about your skin. Never go to bed with your makeup on. This can be a hard one to be vigilant about, but your skin needs to breathe and renew itself at night. Try ASDM Beverly Hills Moisturizing Facial Cleanser for dry skin. Or if you have oily or acne-prone skin, you’ll want to use our Salicylic Acid Cleanser.

 Both of these cleansers are going to properly remove all of your makeup, dirt, oil, and bacteria that accumulate on your face each day. When your skin is clean at night, it’s set up to look much better in the morning.


Skin Resolution #3: Don’t Forget Your Eye Area


 If you’ve been lazy about your eye area, it’s time to nourish that part of your face in the new year. Plus, our eye care products can tackle a litany of issues, from crow’s feet to puffiness, and even diminish the appearance of dark circles.

 For total age consideration, try ASDM Beverly Hills Age Reversing Eye Cream. This nourishing formula contains Coenzyme Q10 to protect skin cells from further damage. You’ll notice a renewed and firmer eye area in just four weeks! That’s just a month into your skin resolutions and your friends will notice how much better your eye area will look.  


Skin Resolution #2: Drink More Water


This is less about products and more a lifestyle resolution that will benefit your skin. Drinking 6-8 glasses of water per day is going to hydrate your skin from the inside out. You’ll notice that the surface will look more plumped up and refreshed when you get enough water each day.


Skin Resolution #1: Daily Protection Is Truly The Most Important Resolution


 Here’s probably the most important resolution to make for the future of your skin. Protect it each day with an SPF of at least a 30. Here’s a fact. Sun damage and the environment causes premature aging. The only way to fight this is with protection. ASDM Beverly Hills Best Tinted Sun Protection is exactly that. The best. Pure and simple. With an SPF 35, you’ll find that skin is shielded against UVA/UVB rays each and every day. This works great under makeup or even all by itself over your skincare.


 Making all of these resolutions this year will help you have glowing and even skin throughout all of 2018. Happy New Year from ASDM Beverly Hills! 

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