More than Perfume: Out of the Box Uses for Egyptian Musk Oil

Perfectly blended with floral notes and precious woods, our Egyptian musk oil has all the elements of a spectacular perfume. Its long-lasting smell is never overpowering, but just a few drops can last a whole day. It’s suitable for both women and men. With its original aroma dating as far back as Queen Cleopatra’s reign, Egyptian musk oil is unquestionably elegant and made for royalty even in the modern world.

The same elements that make it such a wonderful perfume also make Egyptian musk oil so good for other applications. Here are other things you can do with your bottle of Egyptian Musk Perfume Oil from ASDM Beverly Hills:

Use it for aromatherapy.

  • Egyptians, the founders of aromatherapy, believed in the transformative energy of this oil. Egyptian musk oil was thought to have the ability to balance emotions, fix negative energy, and inspire higher-level thought processes.
  • Fill your home with the warm, healing energy of Egyptian musk oil. Got a diffuser or vaporizer at home? If you’re tired of the usual lavender and vanilla, try placing a few drops of Egyptian musk oil inside your diffuser. If you practice meditation or yoga, expand the spiritual benefits by diffusing this scent throughout your session.

Use it for massage therapy.

  • Oils and massages complement each other flawlessly. A massage helps you relax, recover, and heal. The therapeutic benefits of massage oils simply enhance this experience. For your next massage session, try using a bit of Egyptian musk oil for your massage or blend it with other oils for maximum effect.

Use it for skin therapy.

  • Make your baths more special by incorporating Egyptian musk oil into your bath water. This oil has long been used as a natural moisturizer; in fact, Egyptians loved using it for their whole body! Better yet, Egyptian musk oil feels so light and clean; you can add it to your lotions and moisturizers without feeling greasy.

Use it everywhere else!

Freshen up your garments

  • Egyptian musk oil is so universally liked that you can use it for anything. For instance, add it to a fresh batch of laundry so that your clothes will smell regal once they’re ready.

Explore its deodorizing properties

  • If your deodorant is not working as well as you’d like, try complementing it with Egyptian musk oil. Its distinct fragrance smells perfectly natural, unlike the artificial smells of many deodorants in the market. Because of this, musk essential oil is very effective at covering up body odor or sweat. If you work near other people, don't worry— the smell of Egyptian musk oil is always subtle.

Relieve tummy aches

  • Some people swear by this— apply a generous amount of oil on your tummy, then rub it to ease the pain of indigestion and tummy aches.

Breathe better

  • Got a cold? Fix that stuffy nose by dabbing a bit of Egyptian musk oil under your nose. This oil has long been hailed for its anti-inflammatory properties, so try it out if your colds are making it difficult to breathe through your nostrils.

Here’s a catch though— only pure Egyptian musk oil offers these many amazing benefits.

At ASDM Beverly Hills, our master perfumers keep our Egyptian Musk Oil formula alcohol-free to maintain that ancient aroma and potency. Order your very own bottle right here on our website!

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