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Men Need Great Skincare Too

Written By Rafael Marquez - January 05 2018

Has your guy ever borrowed your skincare products? Maybe he’s nabbed a little moisturizer or eye cream. Tried a little of your face scrub in the shower, perhaps? He should probably get his own set of facial care products because a man’s skin needs skincare love too. They have some of the same issues women deal with, but a few all their own that they should worry about. It mainly revolves around their shaving habits, irritation, and ingrown hairs. Plus, they still get crows feet, and wrinkles as they age due to the natural collagen breakdown deep within the skin’s fibers. Signs of premature aging might even show up faster because men are less likely than women to protect their skin with a daily sunscreen and moisturizer. So what we are saying here is that men need great skincare too. Let’s look at a few products that will make anyone’s skin, but men’s in particular, look it’s very best. We’re talking directly to you men, so take note for better skin!

Prevent Ingrown Hairs From Shaving

This is a problem many men face with regular shaving. Sometimes ingrown hairs become a problem due to a buildup of dead skin cells. Shaving with a regular razor is actually exfoliating the skin, but sometimes ingrown hairs are still an issue. It may be that you aren’t shaving with a new enough blade or you just need a chemical exfoliation method with AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids).

A great one to try is ASDM Beverly Hills Glycolic Lactic Complex Peel. It’s just one step, so it’s perfect for the low maintenance man who doesn't want a complicated skincare process. Apply the peel, wait four minutes, and rinse. That’s it! You can easily do that for smoother skin, less ingrown hairs, and a brighter overall complexion.

Protect Against Aging

A daily moisturizer is going to be your best defense against aging. Once you get into the habit you’ll love the way your skin looks and feels. Try ASDM Beverly Hills Ultra Firming Cream. This is going to plump out fine lines and rejuvenate skin making it look better in every way.

The hyaluronic acid especially will help to boost moisture content in the skin making it appear fresh and young again. Plus, this is a cream you can use morning and night, so it’s the one and only moisturizer you need as a man in your medicine cabinet.

Don’t Forget the Eye Area

The eyes may be the windows to the soul, but if you aren't careful they can make you look older than you actually are. Prevent aging in the eye area and improve problems like puffiness and dark circles with ASDM Beverly Hills Age Reversing Eye Cream. Tap this on all around the eye area morning and night for best results.

A Note on Beard Grooming

This has less to do with skin than with beard hair. As a guy, you want your beard to be groomed well and conditioned so that it doesn’t look like a scraggly mess. Beards have been making a comeback over the past decade and now more than ever men are sporting quality beards that make them look distinguished and unique. Make sure yours is well kept by using the right beard oil. We offer five different types of beard oil at ASDM Beverly Hills. Ancient Egypt, Maui Trance, Live Napa, Rum Rico, and Havana Nights all from American Stylish Beverly Hills are coconut oil based and scented differently to make your beard look its very best.

With your skincare fixed up right and your beard looking amazing, you’ll find that you don’t have to worry about sneaking your wife or partner’s skincare anymore.

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