Maracuja Oil: The Passion Fruit Remedy to Satisfy Your Passion for Good Skincare

Maracuja oil is the skincare product everyone is raving about nowadays. It has been popular in Mexico for some time for its natural skincare abilities and has now become a popular alternative for synthetic skincare products. Slowly, it is taking the world by storm.  

What’s behind all the good buzz about maracuja oil? Let’s take a closer look at this wonder emollient, and the many fabulous ways it can benefit your skin.

Super Traits of Maracuja Oil

Maracuja oil is the extract from the seeds of the Passion Fruit (which in Brazilian means Maracuja, hence its name). The fruit is native to tropical regions, including Central and South America, the South Pacific, and the Middle East. Here are some amazing facts about it:

  • It was used by the Native Americans and Aztecs for its healing properties.

Maracuja oil has been beneficial to Native Americans, who have applied it to skin boils. The Aztecs of ancient Mexico used it as a sedative due to its medicinal alkaloids that reduce stress. This fascinated Europeans who arrived in the New World so much, that they took it back with them to their native land and discovered its various medicinal properties.

  • It is one of the best sources of linoleic acid or vitamin F.

So what is maracuja oil composed of? Linoleic acid, mostly. In fact, the maracuja extract contains 70 percent linoleic acid, making it one of the best sources on the planet.

Linoleic acid is one of the essential acids that the human body does not synthesize; hence, you can only get it from the foods that produce it. The body uses linoleic acid to produce eicosanoids, which are substances that control inflammation of the skin. This is why it is slowly becoming popular as an emollient (a substance that smoothens the skin), as well as an anti-acne remedy.

  • It can help produce collagen for the skin.

Maracuja oil contains vitamin C and other essential antioxidants that help stimulate the production of collagen, a protein component of the skin. Abundant production of collagen can produce firmer skin, and lessen the occurrence of wrinkles and fine lines. This benefit of maracuja oil is the reason it is considered an anti-aging product.

  • It has no greasy feel.

When we think of oil-based skin care products, we have this perception that it may feel too oily or greasy. This isn't the case with maracuja oil. Once applied, it penetrates the skin easily and is absorbed quickly. The result is a non-greasy feel on the skin. Because of this, even people who have extremely oily skin can feel at ease using maracuja oil.

Maracuja is finally here!

We at ASDM Beverly Hills recognize the numerous beauty properties of Maracuja Oil. We have produced a special blend of this amazing product, guaranteed to address skin issues such as acne and wrinkles, and give your skin a youthful glow.

It’s also very easy to use. You only need to apply 1-2 pumps of our maracuja oil on the face, massage it using upward strokes, and pat it afterward to be completely absorbed by the skin. Do this twice a day (in the morning and night) for more immediate results.

Having real, flawless beauty is within reach.

Maracuja oil is just one of our many products that are composed of all-natural ingredients. Born from humble beginnings, our company is now a major producer of beauty products that effectively address skin sensitivity issue.

Avail of our Pure Maracuja Oil now, and see the difference it can make on your skin!

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