Maracuja Oil: The Miracle Oil from the Brazilian Rainforest that Provides Superior Skincare

Whoever thought that the maracuja oil produced by the passion fruit could give more benefits than imagined? Sourced from the passion fruit flower itself, maracuja is making inroads in the skincare market.

Origins of Maracuja

The passion fruit, from which maracuja was extracted, originated in the Amazon region of Brazil and had been used by ancient civilizations such as the Aztecs. While much is known about the passion fruit itself as a worldwide delicacy, people are starting to discover more about the flower and the oil that it produces.

Breakdown of Maracuja Benefits

So what is maracuja oil good for?

Maracuja oil has been making waves with the tons of benefits it boasts. This oil is rich in fatty acids that are essential to the skin and the body in general. Here is a more detailed breakdown of the fatty acids derived from maracuja:

  • Linoleic acid: Also more commonly known as omega-6 fatty acid, this is one of the fatty acids produced outside of the body, which is required for cell growth and development.
  • Oleic acid: Also referred to as omega-9 fatty acid, it is a pale yellow, oily liquid, and a monosaturated fatty acid. Usually found in avocados and olive oil, it promotes enhanced blood circulation.
  • Palmitic acid: This is a saturated fatty acid that can be found in both plants and animals. Commonly found in palm oil, it possesses antioxidant properties which are beneficial for the skin.
  • Stearic acid: Also referred to as octadecanoic acid, it is found in natural animal and vegetable fats. Because it helps in the mixing of oil and water, it is a common ingredient in soaps.

Apart from these acids, other mineral ingredients of maracuja oil include iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and copper. Vitamins in the oil include riboflavin, niacin, vitamin A, and vitamin C.

Application of Maracuja Oil

Maracuja oil is one of the top natural products that carry many health benefits. With its great natural components, it bears a variety of health benefits for the whole body.

    • Maracuja Oil for Skin

Maracuja oil helps relieve dry skin and lessen irritation. It is rich in nutrients and fatty acids that are vital to skin health.

      • It repairs damaged skin due to excessive tanning.
      • It can calm inflammation in the skin, which in turn, can stop many illnesses and diseases.
    • Maracuja Oil for Face

Maracuja oil helps maintain a youthful glow with its high anti-oxidant content that counters fine lines and wrinkles. It also contains vitamin C that makes skin appear brighter. Aside from its skin-rejuvenating properties, maracuja oil also has anti-insomniac properties that induce more restful sleep.

    • Maracuja Oil for Hair

A little-known property of maracuja oil is that you can use it on the hair as well. The rich enzymes and fatty acids, while effective on the skin, are equally effective on the hair. In addition, maracuja oil can be used to relieve itching caused by dandruff.

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