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Is Sugar Really Damaging Your Skin?

Written By Rafael Marquez - December 20 2017

You may have heard some news about sugar lately Just to warn you, it’s not good. We all know that excess sugar can lead to weight gain, but did you also know that it may be damaging your skin? This is a problem that dermatologists and doctors are just now speaking out about. Let’s take a look at some facts about sugar and your skin that may surprise you.

What Is Sugar?

Sugar is a soluble carbohydrate that comes in many different forms. On ingredient labels, it’s sometimes referred to as glucose, dextrose, or fructose. Basic table sugar is also called “granulated sugar.” Some forms of natural sugar are also found in some fruits and vegetables. Those are mostly good for you though because it’s just the added and artificial sugar you have to watch out for that is in packaged foods, and many prepared meals for added taste and texture.

Sugar In Uncommon Places

Even in some items you wouldn’t perceive as having sugar, they actually do. Think of some canned soups, pasta sauces, ketchup, and even frozen pizza. Making your own healthy meals helps to combat this issue, but the average person still consumes too much sugar. The average female should only take in 6 teaspoons per day. Men are a little higher at just 9 teaspoons. It adds up quick though especially if you drink coffee with sugar or soda-based beverages multiple times per day.

How Sugar Breaks Down Skin

So now that you know a little bit about what sugar is and where to find it, let’s explore what it does to break down your skin. Sugar, when ingested, causes an insulin spike in the body which then produces inflammation that damages the skin. That inflammation interrupts the structure of the skin, breaking down collagen and elastin in the process. When that is damaged your skin is left with fewer defenses to protect itself. Premature aging can occur in the form of lines, deeper wrinkles, and sagging.

This attaching of sugar molecules to the skin’s cells is called “glycation” and it’s no vacation for your skin. Your skin has trouble dealing with the extra sugar taking its toll on your skin, making it less healthy and radiant than it should be. Sugar and aging just go hand in hand.

Ways To Eliminate Extra Sugar In Your Diet

Cutting out excess sugar takes a little bit of practice and know-how. Stay away from packaged foods as much as possible. You want to stick to a whole foods nutrition plan with plenty of fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, and lots of water to flush out your system.

Try Skincare That Boosts Collagen Production

You want to keep your skin as healthy as possible deep down on a cellular level. Try to use a product that helps with the turnover to build strong bonds in your skin. That way the sugar molecules won’t do as much damage. Peptides, as small chain amino acids, go deep within the layers of the skin to rebuild collagen. ASDM Beverly Hills Pure Peptide Serum is an age reversing dynamo that can help combat the damaging effects of sugar. Just a few drops a day underneath your moisturizer is all you need. It also contains hyaluronic acid which helps bind moisture to your skin, making it more plumped up and radiant.

As much as possible, fight the effects of sugar in the skin with great skincare and a little bit of nutritional knowledge. The combination will allow you to have healthier skin at any age.

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