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Is It Better To Shower At Night Or In The Morning?

Written By Rafael Marquez - September 01 2017

This is an important debate that rages on. In the pursuit of a clean body, have you analysed your bathing habits recently? Do you shower in the morning or at night? That is the big question that everyone wants an answer to. It’s hard to tell if there is a definitive scientific answer to this all important quandary. You may even shower mid-day if you have a particularly strenuous workout and don’t want to spend your day a sweaty mess. It’s estimated that about half the population showers at night, while the other half likes to get it done in the morning. However, which is technically better for you? The answer isn’t so simple. Here is some shower advice on whether or not you should be a morning showers person or night showers one.


The Benefits To A Morning Shower

Sometimes people don’t feel like they can wake up without a morning shower to get their senses going. The shower is a great place to meditate on your day, let the sparkling water splash all over your body waking you up, and the scent of certain body cleansing products can really get your juices flowing. Think citrus and energizing body scrubs or washes. They will wake you right up, if you have trouble opening your eyes in the morning.

The temperature doesn’t matter so much, but ideally for skin care health you want to keep your shower at lukewarm water levels. That way it won’t dry out your skin, like super hot water does. Keep your shower temperature below 110 degrees.

Another reason to be a morning shower person is the fact that your hair won’t look right if you sleep on it wet. Some people need that morning hair routine to go from fully washed to blow dry and ready to go. If you need to essentially style your hair fresh every morning for it to look good, then a morning shower might be best for your hair care needs.

 The last reason to shower in the morning is mostly geared towards the gentleman. Guys tend to sweat more at night especially if you live in a hotter climate, don’t have central air in the summer, and have high levels of humidity. Waking up all sticky and sweaty isn’t a good look heading into work. The morning shower is the way to go here for a fresh daily start.


Some Benefits Of A Nightly Shower

 A nightly shower is encouraged by proponents of time tested Chinese medicine. All throughout your day there are pollution particles, dirt, oil, and even bacteria that are going to attach themselves to your body. This is where a nightly shower definitely makes more sense. Rinse away all the day’s debris. This is also a definite “yes” if you have oily skin. The oils on your skin build up during the day and the only way to balance it out for better skin care is to wash it off at night.

 Plus, another terrific reason to shower at night is to keep your sheets cleaner. This is helpful if you suffer from acne prone skin. Cleaner sheets will mean cleaner skin and less bacteria equals less acne issues. It’s just that simple. So going to bed with freshly washed skin will help keep oils and bacteria off of your bedding.

The final reason to consider showering at night is the soothing effects of a warm shower. If you have trouble winding down at night to go to sleep, a shower can be a treatment method in order to lull you into sleep. The whole nightly shower ritual can clue your body into the fact that it's time to hit the hay. Invest in some lavender aromatherapy based shower products and you’ll be even more tuned into blissful rest. Lavender has long been known to relax and contribute to restful sleep. Using it in the shower before bed is one way to encourage good sleep habits.

 So it’s truly up to you and your lifestyle on whether you would benefit from morning showers or night showers. Some people even do both! That sounds like a lot of work to us, but Ayurvedic beauty encourages both for the best wellness results.

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