How to take care of your skin in summer

The warmer weather is finally here! The change in temperature is great for your social life, your wardrobe, and your Vitamin D levels. But, the summer heat is not always so good for you skin. As things start to hot up, here’s how to take care of your skin in the coming summer months.

Protect your skin

Invest in sunscreen– The importance of sunblock and serums that protect you from the sun can’t be overstated. The SPF on a sunscreen will tell you how look you can stay out in the sun after applying it, but, in any case, you should re-apply the cream at regular intervals throughout your day if you’re going out and about. Not only is sunburn painful but it can leave your skin with lasting damage.

Stay out of the sun at certain times – If you love the heat, it can be tempting to head out and spend all day in the sunshine. But, there are some instances where it’s often best to stay in the shade or indoors. The hours of 12pm to 3pm are when the sun is highest in the sky and its rays are hottest, so if you can it’s best to head indoors for at least part of this time.

Wear protective clothing – When the suns out the last thing on your mind will be covering up with a hat or long sleeves, but in some cases this is the best option for your skin. Wearing a summer hat protects the skin on your scalp, sunglasses can go long way to protecting your eyes and the skin around them, and, if you know you will be out in the sun for a long time, a pair of light trousers or long sleeved top is the best option.

Help your skin

Grab an SPF chap stick – When it comes to skincare, it can be easy to forget about your lips. The warm weather can quickly dry out your lips, leaving them cracked and sore. Getting a lip balm – or, even better, an SPF chap stick - to carry around in your purse and using it liberally every few hours is the number one way to avoid this.

Take cold showers – A long hot shower is always pleasant but on the warmer days of the year, you should consider turning down the heat. Not only will a colder shower hope you to cool off, but cold water after time sweating in the sun helps to prevent the chance of acne.

Avoid scratching your skin – With pesky bugs all over the place in the summer months, bites are sometimes unavoidable. It can, of course, be very tempting to scratch and pick at these bites – but you should avoid it at all costs. Anti-itch serums and lotions that soothe irritated skin can really help if you’re struggling with bites.

Eat (and drink) right

Drink plenty of water – This is an important tip all year round, but it’s especially pertinent in the summer months. Staying hydrated is the key to keeping your skin happy, and will help you to glow even on the days when the sun isn’t coming out from behind the clouds.

Stock up on watermelon – Did you know that cantaloupe could be the ultimate ingredient for radiant summer skin? The fruit is full of antioxidants and keeps you extra hydrated, there’s evidence to suggest it can actually boost your SPF as well. What’s not to love?

Indulge in a glass of red wine – If you do happen to get sunburnt, you might be interested to learn that a certain property in red wine can help. Resveratol, a phenol found in the skin of red grapes can decrease the redness, and it also has an anti-inflammatory effect. There’s no better excuse to indulge in a glass or two by the pool!

Protecting your skin should be one of your top priorities when it comes to your beauty regime. At ASDM we have a range of effective products that aim to nourish and take care of your skin, and we also have sun protection products with SPF that are ideal for the summer months. Find out more here.

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