How to Prevent Dry Lips This Winter

Dry lips are a common issue most people face during Winter. Unlike most of the body, the lips are a hard feature to cover up, which is why it's essential to pay extra attention to this particular area. Studies suggest that the lips tend to lose moisture at a faster rate compared to other areas onthe face. Chapped lips may cause frustration, especially when you’ve applied lip balmthroughout the day. Here are a few ways to prevent dry lips this Winter.

Choose Your Lip Balm Wisely

During the winter, it’s important to use a lip balm that helps moisturize and treat cracks orpeeling areas on the lips. Most lip balms that are ointment-based will help hydrate the lips andheal the skin. Also, it’s important to make sure you know the ingredients in your lip balm. Your skin may be allergic to certain ingredients, and some items may contribute to the dryness.

Avoid Licking or Peeling Lips

Your daily habits may be the cause of your dry lips. Studies have shown that licking or peeling the lips may lead to dryness. These habits may worsen the condition of the lips, and also result in bleeding or inflammation, which lengthens the healing process. Also, licking the lips strips away moisture, which contributes to dryness.

Furthermore, if you notice a crack on your lips, it’s important to treat it right away. Untreatedcracks can worsen the condition of your lips, and possibly lead to infection.

Apply Lip Balm at Night

Applying a lip balm at night helps the ingredients deeply penetrate the skin. Doing this helps minimize dryness and flakiness on the lips. Additionally, overnight if you tend to sleep with your mouth open, this may cause the lips to become dry from the excessive air. Applying lip balm before sleeping is important because this prevents the air from drying the lips.

ASDM Beverly Hills – Lips Plumper Serum

Our Lips Plumper Serum will keep your lips hydrated to prevent dry lips this Winter. This amazing serum is loaded with glycation inhibiting Tripeptides, Hyaluronic Acid (Hydration), Collagen (Smoothing, Anti-aging), and Babassu Oil (Moisture) to increase lip volume while making the lips feel soft and luscious. Additionally, when this serum is used regularly, it helps define and protect the lips from premature aging. It’s time to kiss dry flaky lips goodbye thisWinter with ASDM Beverly Hills.

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