How To Lose Weight With These 8 Superfoods

Everyone wants the magical key to losing weight. It truly is a combination of clean, healthy eating and getting enough physical exercise to offset what you eat. That’s it! With that being said you can tip the scales in your favor by consuming more foods that are considered beneficial. “Superfoods” are those whole foods that contain extra special minerals, vitamins, good fats, and fiber to help you trim down the right way.

By incorporating more of these gorgeous foods into your life, you are going to help your body burn more fat and run at its optimal levels. These foods will give you more energy and help you keep your eating plan on track. Here are the 8 superfoods that you can utilize to help you lose weight in a beneficial nutrition plan.


Superfood #8: Nuts

Nuts are truly one of the original superfoods. You can consume different types of nuts including almonds, walnuts, and peanuts. Each serving will contain nutrients and protein that will help keep you fuller longer. That’s why a snack of nuts once a day is perfect to add to a healthy lifestyle. You can even mix nuts into different types of salads, smoothies, and brown rice for a tasty treat.


Superfood #7: Beans

 For weight loss you have to jump on the bean bandwagon. This includes beans of all types, black, pinto, kidney, and cannellini are just a few. They contain gut filling fiber to keep you satisfied long after you’ve eaten them. Mix them into your meals on a daily basis and you’ll notice beans will help with portion control as well.


Superfood #6: Avocado

Good fats like the ones in avocado will help you to digest all of your foods more efficiently. They also contain vitamin E, folate, and potassium. They are truly a powerful food that you should have on whole grain toast in the mornings, on salads at lunch, and even diced into a healthy veggie based stir-fry for dinner.


Superfood #5: Berries

Berries are full of fiber and great nutrients that will help you lose weight. Try some raspberries, strawberries, or blueberries on a daily basis. The vitamin C and manganese, in particular, will help you to burn more fat by jump starting your metabolism. Have berries in your cereal, with greek yogurt, and even plain as a healthy snack.


Superfood #4: Greek Yogurt

The probiotics in greek yogurt is terrific for digestive health. That will help you to feel less bloated. The protein content in plain greek yogurt is also beneficial to keep you satisfied after a meal. There are so many ways to eat greek yogurt that you can get really healthy and creative with it. Just make sure it’s “plain” and not the flavored ones which have too much added sugar and calories.  


Superfood #3: Oats

Fiber, fiber, and more fiber. Half the battle with losing weight is being hungry, but you won’t be with the right foods. That where oats come in. They are loaded with fiber to keep you not hungry between meals. Oats aren’t just for breakfast anymore! You can also have savory oatmeal with veggies and a lean protein, like chicken, for a hearty and slimming dinner.


Superfood #2: Salmon

Salmon is a lean protein that will help you stay away from other fattier meats. Plus, it’s loaded with omega-3 fatty acids which contribute to skin and hair health. You can shed pounds and have revitalized skin with a daily portion of salmon. Have it on salads, poached with lemon, or even on top of whole grain toast.


Superfood #1: Broccoli

Green vegetables are the cornerstone of a great dietary plan. Broccoli especially is low in calories, high in fiber (of course!), and can be enjoyed raw, steamed, or roasted. You can even saute some in an egg white omelet in the morning for a protein packed breakfast that will keep you satisfied until lunch.

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