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How to have glowing skin with ASDM skincare products

Written By Rafael Marquez - July 27 2017

          Hello again my lovely skin cells!!! On my last blog I talked about the vital vitamins we need in order to help us reach our goal of having glowing skin. Not only do we need to commit to a healthy diet but as well as a natural and gentle skin care routine.  So sit back, sip on some tea while I will give you my tips on how to properly cleanse and apply products to your face including what products I recommend from ASDM Beverly Hills to help you maintain your clear and glowing skin. Are you ready? Great because so am I!

          First of all, whether you are a gal or gent, you are perfect just the way you are! The most important thing you must come to accept before starting your skin care journey is that your skin is naturally flawless, and for whatever reason you're reading my blog, my goal is to help you love your skin with or without imperfections. Okay now we are ready to get to the skin care talk!

          Most of us don’t know how to properly cleanse our face and as a result it may promote wrinkles, acne, redness, irritation, swelling and a whole bunch of not so fun experiences. That is why I want to share with you only the best of the best tips and products so that you don't have to go through any of that. I will list the order of my favorite products and the times I use them throughout the day. My list of products are my personal favorite and you do not have to get the exact products or follow the exact order, this is just what works best for my skin. I tend to be more on the oily side so if you have the same problem these will be great products to incorporate it into your skin care routine. All the products I use will be listed at the end with links! :)


My Routine:

In the morning I start off by washing  my face with luke warm water to wake up and refresh my skin. If you sweat during the night, it is a MUST to cleansing your face in the morning in order to avoid acne. After washing with luke warm water, I use ASDM Natural Facial Toner and pour it onto a cotton pad. I pat the cotton pad onto my face and focus especially on my forehead since it is my breakout spot. Once I’m done, I use Jojoba Dermabrasion scrub which has worked miracles on my skin. I massage the scrub onto my face in circular motions till it is well absorbed and then I rinse. (when you dry your face with a towel don’t rub it against your skin, instead, pat it till dry. This way we avoid causing wrinkles. Also, remember to use a clean towel so that you don’t contaminate anything to your face). If I have any signs of breakouts, I apply a small amount of tea tree oil onto the affected area. Tea tree oil has been my best friend during my teen years. :) If that day I do not have any break outs, I go straight to applying Bald Head Tepez Serum Matte. Before you go questioning the name of the product, let me explain why it is perfect for those who have oily skin. For those who don’t have oily skin, bear with me for a couple of minutes. :) Bald Head Tepez Serum has the same ingredients as the Tepezcohuite cream; however, the only difference is that it is for people who are bald. Now you may be questioning why I would have you using a bald head serum on your face. Well to start off, it is typical for those who are bald to produce a lot of oil and therefore this will be your miracle product if you have oily skin. The thing I love about this product is it won’t promote acne and it leaves your face with a matte finish. (On a side note, I love using this serum as a moisturizer before I put on my foundation because if I start sweating, the serum won’t let my face loose that “matte finish” look). Going back to my routine, after I massage the serum onto my face, I get on my way to work feeling refreshed especially during these hot summer days! During the day I like to carry facial wipes such as those from the brand called simple. (Don’t forget to try to incorporate water into your daily life to flush out all the toxins and build up!!!!) After a long busy day at work, I get ready to head to bed by doing my night facial routine. I like to apply masks 1-2 times per week just to thoroughly cleanse my face and prevent any breakouts. I repeat the first two steps from morning which is cleanse face with luke warm water and then apply toner. After that I use Pumpkin glycolic mask and apply it with the brush it comes with when purchased. I start applying the mask starting with my forehead. I then apply I on my chin and work the product upwards to my cheek bones. I leave it on for 1-5 minutes depending on my skins sensitivity. I rinse thoroughly and then apply Hyaluronic Acid intensifier on my forehead, cheeks, t-zone, and chin. If you do not want to use Hyaluronic Acid I recommend using Pearl Complex Moisturizer. I finish off my night routine by applying retinol capsules for moisture and prevention of future breakouts. (On a side note, before you add the retinol capsules you can use black head nose removers to clean your pores).

This may be a lot of information but I promise you that your skin will be glowing after a couple weeks of following this skin care routine. As I said, you do not need to follow every step or purchase every single product but you can't go wrong using any product from ASDM.

Let me know if you tried this skin care routine or used any product I mentioned.  Don't forget to follow our Instagram (@asdmbeverlyhills) and tag us in your photos. We love to hear your feedback and don't forget to comment on our recent post on Instagram and give us any of your ideas for our next blog!!!! Until next blog my lovely skin cells!!! <3















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