How to detoxify your skin after festivities

The festive season is over and you have probably added a few pounds along with skin breakouts. You are also likely to be more lethargic because you’re still in the holiday mood. If these symptoms are taking over your body and eventually your mind, you must stop it and make way towards detoxification. The natural body clock, which you maintain during a regular day, has been absolutely misbalanced and you have to bring it back before getting to work. A holistic detoxification plan will be the best way to revive the active you, and the process has been explained in detail below.

Why is detoxification necessary?

In a more general term, to detoxify is to let out all the toxic present in us. What is the first thing we think of, when we are hung-over after a long party? We drink lots of water, fruits or fruit juices to flush out all the alcohol and feel better again. Similarly, after loading yourself with lots of fried food and sweets, you have clogged your digestive system. This reflects through bad skin health and stress. You need to give this a break, at least and until the wedding season!

Steps to follow for detoxification:

Let us go through some of the most important steps that can help you attain proper detoxification.

  • Avoid fried food and sweetmeats: This is an absolute NO! NO! Fried food and sweets come with maximum amount of calories and are unhealthy for skin health.
  • Frequent munching in lesser portions: Break your 3 meals a day into 5 or 6 meals. Nibble on healthy snacks and consume buttermilk in between. If you still feel hungry, have some low-calorie fruits.
  • Reduce sugar consumption: We all tend to consume beverages like tea and coffee regularly, but they add sugar to our body. Avoiding sweets are not enough, since we need to avoid all possible ways of sugar consumption. Replace your beverage with green tea, which will not only provide several health benefits but also aid the detoxification process. Natural sugar is acceptable and is much better than processed sugar. Thus, you have the concession to eat fruits with natural sugar content.
  • Reduce oil, ghee and butter consumption: Oil is an indispensable ingredient to most of the recipes that we cook, but we can curtail the usage and use better brands of oil. Ghee and butter should be avoided even if you have to consume and cook with oil. Try to look for some baked and grilled recipes to replace their need till the time you feel absolutely detoxified!
  • Eat fresh: Eat lots of green and leafy veggies. Buy them fresh to make salads. You can add non gmo, organic, free range chicken to your salad and make it a little tasty. These are amazing at detoxifying!
  • Drink lots of water: Water is the best detoxifier that you can offer your skin. It is the most easily available ingredient at home, and it does wonders for the skin. As we approach towards the winters, just after our festivities, we need to be more cautious about keeping our body hydrated. Make it a point to add 7-8 glasses of water in your daily diet, and more if needed.
  • Physical activities: With the high calorie diet that festivities call in, you must start exercising well. If you want to go slow, start with brisk walking for 30 minutes every day. Level it up to jogging or running. You could also opt for indoor exercises, like spot jump, skipping and yoga.
  • Give yourself the pampering you deserve: After decorating, cooking, greeting, meeting, the festivities are bound to leave you tired. From the early morning rituals to the late night parties, you have to restore back your lost schedule. Start by getting up at the right time and meditate for 10 to 20 minutes. It calms down your mind and makes your day more organized. Try to have a spa session so that you can mentally and physically relax. You could also try out conventional detoxifying treatments like body masks, dry scrubs, foot spa, facials, etc.

What to avoid during detoxification:

Since you don’t have a holiday for forever, you’d want to get your detox processes geared up. However, we do not advise extremity. You must strike a balance with every step that you take. When we tend to go extreme, chances are that we give up too soon. Thus, slow and steady is always the right approach.

  • Don’t starve: The myth about starving and the hope that you’d reduce is simply wrong. You tend to either fall sick or you tend to gain a little more. Binged overeating cannot be cured by starving.
  • Don’t skip meals: Starving is a little more severe than skipping meals, but it too does no good either. Skipping is the worst idea because it simply doesn’t make any difference, and tends to make you overindulge when you feel hungry. You might just crash into a moment where you’d eat all the unhealthy junk and excuse yourself because you were simply craving!
  • Don’t leave what you love: If you have a sweet-tooth, if you like some fried food, indulge yourself in small portions, so that you get the taste but you don’t add too much of calories.

It is surely tough to get into a detox process after you’ve eaten lots of good food. Those food pictures in Instagram are still getting one like after the other, and you simply don’t get over all that you’ve savored. It is good to go slow and think about the advantages it is going to do to your body. Once you get a pinch of feeling lighter, you will surely want to stick to it. Don’t make your detox process a punishment, because you will not enjoy it even if you get significant results. Be on the positive end and think about how you’ll transform. The complete process of detoxification of your skin will automatically refresh the whole body making you feel beautiful from inside as well as outside.

As  Karyn Calabrese rightly said, “If you don't take care of this the most magnificent machine that you will ever be given...where are you going to live?” 

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