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How Do I Get Rid Of These White Bumps? (All About Milia On Face)

Written By Rafael Marquez - December 04 2017

White bumps on your face can be really irritating to deal with. Are they acne? Clogged pores? Something else entirely? More often than not, tiny white bumps on your face are called “milia.” So they do have a name! Yes, in fact they do, but it doesn’t make those milia any easier to get rid of if you don’t have the right skincare arsenal behind you.

Milia is a skin condition that is characterized by keratin-filled cysts that get trapped in the face. In simpler terms, it’s basically dead skin flakes that get clogged underneath a tough layer of skin. Sounds kind of gross to talk about, but getting rid of them requires some specialized skincare. You’ve probably tried to pick at those white bumps with little result. They are hard to get rid of without chemical skincare intervention. We have a way to reduce the appearance of milia on the skin. Ideally, you need a mild AHA that you can use on a regular basis. This is where lactic acid comes into play. Here’s everything you need to know about starting a lactic acid regimen from ASDM Beverly Hills.

What Is Lactic Acid?

Lactic acid is a very effective AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) that is going to exfoliate the dead skin cell layers of your skin to reveal a texture that is smoother, brighter, and more even in tone. Our Lactic Acid Peel at ASDM Beverly Hills comes in strength from 25%-90%. Start low on the percentage scale and move up as your skin becomes accustomed to the treatment peel.

Why Lactic Acid Works On Milia

These types of AHAs, like lactic acid, work well on milia because over time it unclogs the pores letting the excess debris get washed away. Keep in mind that it’s not an overnight process. To see real change in the number of milia you get, and exfoliating away the ones you currently have, will take at the minimum about six weeks of consistent weekly peels. You have to keep up with the regimen on a regular basis for it to work, but anything skin-wise is going to take some time for your skin to turnover.

The Regimen To Try

When doing your lactic acid peel, you want to start with clean skin. Then apply the pre-treatment peel all over your face, avoiding your eye and lip area. After that apply the lactic acid peel and leave on for 1-5 minutes. Then neutralize the peel with our post peel treatment serum for a full 10 minutes and rinse off completely. You can apply your normal skincare after that if you wish. It’s always beneficial to hydrate that new skin underneath that’s been revealed after the lactic acid peel.

Results You’ll See On Your Own Skin

Once you get into the habit of using ASDM Beverly Hills Lactic Acid Peel, you’ll find improvements in your skin that are significant. You’ll especially love less hard to get rid of milia in various areas of your face. Above all, it’s so much better a regimen to use than trying to extract those pesky milia yourself. That’s only going to lead to scarring and spreading deep down bacteria into your skin creating, even more, issues to deal with. No one wants that!

Having a complexion you can be proud of is all about knowing the right tricks and skincare tips to get rid of common issues, like milia. Lactic acid will be your new skincare best friend.

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