Helpful Tips for Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin often means frequent skincare changes. One day some products may work greatfor your skin, other days you may wake up to unplanned acne and breakouts. Are you searching for the ideal techniques to keep your sensitive skin under control? Here are some tips to keep your skin healthy and hydrated.

Avoid Long Showers & Hot Water

Keeping your skin hydrated is essential, especially when you have sensitive skin. One way to prevent drying out your skin is to limit bath time and avoid hot water. Hot water and long showers will quickly make your sensitive skin dry, which increases inflammation, resulting in acne and breakouts. Studies show that hot water strips the skin from natural oils and nutrients, which ultimately leads to irritation and redness. Likewise, long showers or baths also remove natural oils and nutrients from the skin. This results in itchiness, irritation, and redness, which contribute to frequent breakouts.

Research indicates that lukewarm water is ideal for the skin. Though it is still advised not to shower or bathe for a long time, lukewarm water does not irritate on the skin. Equally important, lukewarm water does not remove the natural oils or nutrients nor dry out the skin, which minimizes breakouts and acne.

Change Your Moisturizer

Have you checked your moisturizer? Sensitive skin requires more hydration and nutrients. Depending on your skin type, find a moisturizer that helps retain water and prevents drying. Moisturizing adds an extra layer of protection to the skin, which prevents inflammation and breakouts. It also helps the skin maintain balance while reducing dull skin and maximizing its natural glow.

Studies have shown that applying moisturizer on damp skin is the most effective. The source of minerals and nutrients get direct access to the pores to provide immediate hydration. This technique prevents flakiness and skin irritation after a bath or shower.

Watch Your Diet

Diet is another essential factor when it comes to sensitive skin. Studies show that fried foods, sugar, dairy, and processed meat often inflame the skin. A similar study shows that food high in antioxidants such as squash, peppers, broccoli, and spinach are good for the skin. Additionally, increasing your water intake and lowering caffeine and alcohol consumption may also improve your skin.

ASDM Beverly Hills – Tepezcohuite Body Lotion

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At ASDM Beverly Hills, it is our mission to manufacture skin products that resolve the sensitivity issue. We steer away from high-risk ingredients and put our hearts into all our products. We aim to take your skincare to a level where you can truly experience comfort & love for what your skin can easily become.

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