Goodbye Bumps: How to Get Rid of Milia Right in Your Own Home

How many times have you tried to get rid of those tiny, white bumps under your skin, but to no avail? If you’re looking up how to get rid of milia, then you know by now that they’re not acne, skin tags, or zits— although they do look eerily similar.

Often small but always annoying, milia is the bane of many beauty lovers. No amount of squeezing, popping, or scrubbing them off will work. So what will? The good news is that there are a lot of simple steps you can take to get rid of milia. But first, it pays to understand exactly what these mysterious bumps are.

Milia Defined

That small, yellowish or white bump on your face is called a milium cyst. These are typically found in clusters and in multiples, called milia.

Milia are formed when a substance called keratin is trapped under the skin. Keratin is a type of protein, and it's typically found in nail cells, hair, and the surface of skin tissues.

A lot of people mistake milia for whiteheads or acne because there’s a strong physical resemblance between them. The difference is that milia are simply pockets of normal skin, and not a breakout or infection. Therefore, they shouldn’t be treated in the same way.

Everyone Can Get Milia

Milia are very common in newborns, and at that tender age, they naturally go away after some time. However, milia also occur in people of all ages, gender, and ethnicity.It’s especially frustrating for adults who certainly want flawless, smooth skin. What’s more upsetting is that milia occur spontaneously, although certain elements can contribute to their formation.

For instance, if you have milia around your eye area, you're probably using heavy cream that is too rich or not the right match for your skin type. The eye area is especially vulnerable because the skin is thinner here.

We also see other areas where milia on face appear, such as on the nose, cheeks, and chin. They can be a result of sun damage, excessive use of harsh products, and rashes.

Say Goodbye to Milia

Since they can’t be squeezed or popped out like pimples or whiteheads, getting rid of milia can feel like an endless battle. But it’s easy to get rid of these pesky bumps when you know what to do!

    • Gently Exfoliate

Since milia are caused by dead skin cells trapped under the skin, exfoliation is a brilliant way to decongest these clumps and prevent more from forming. Glycolic acid peels and salicylic acid peels are some great choices, while lactic acid peels are perfect for those with sensitive skin.

    • Think Twice about the Heavy Creams

If you typically have milia around your eyes, then that eye cream you’re using might be too heavy for your skin type. Choose serums instead since they penetrate deep into the skin without blocking the pores. Or if you are bent on using cream, use products with Hyaluronic acid that is gentle on this delicate area.

    • Basic Skin Care

Finally, always observe basic skin care. Wash your face at least twice daily, then put on some toner and moisturizer to keep it hydrated. Put on sunblock to lessen sun damage, and avoid skin-harming habits like smoking and lack of sleep.

Milia Don’t Have to be a Huge Issue!

With the right skin care routine and products, you can eliminate milia in the comfort of your own home. Browse our website for some of the best over-the-counter skin care products that’ll help you achieve skin that looks and feels amazing.

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