Easy tips to get rid of crow’s feet around eyes naturally

Crow’s feet are the ugliest and probably earliest signals of the skin telling you that it is ageing. The tiny wrinkles around the corner of the eyes absolutely destroy your beautiful smile. You get cautious of smiling in public and letting yourself free. It is a natural thing that happens to people as they age due to loss of collagen and elastin, in particular starting from the mid thirties. But nature is not so cruel! If it curses you with those ugly marks around the eyes, it also has gifted many products of its own so that you can get out of the mess. Try following these simple tips to get rid of the lines that have been bothering you for so long:


It is the simplest ingredient available in every household. Drinking milk is extremely important for women especially in their youth as with ageing the calcium in our bodies tend to degrade. Milk also comes to the rescue when facing a problem with crow’s feet. Simply take some milk and soak a clean cloth. Place it where necessary for just about 10 minutes. Let it dry. Then wash off with cold water. Do it twice a day for best results.

Egg white

Eggs are another common ingredient of the kitchen. Egg whites are rich in protein and prove extremely beneficial for tightening the skin. Take one egg white and beat it till it takes a foam-like thickness. Apply it on the affected area and relax for 10 minutes. Clean it with cold water, or a cotton ball soaked in cold water. You can do this twice a week.


You do not even know what miracles Vitamin C can do your skin! Papaya is loaded with Vitamin C and helps to heal from within. Hence it also has long lasting effects. Papain, an enzyme present in papaya is excellent for removing dead cells and tightening the sagging skin. Collagen, which tend to decrease with ageing in our body is restored by Vitamin C. Simply take a small piece of papaya and rub it against the affected skin area. Leave to dry and then wash off. You can do this once a day. If you are using raw papaya, mix some olive oil to it. It acts as a great moisturizer. This is beneficial for young girls too. This is very refreshing and helps to fight skin problems that teens and young adults face.

Aloe Vera

Free radicals in our body are mostly responsible for wrinkling of our skin. The aloe vera plants in your home are not only there to add beauty to your interiors. They are very good in adding beauty to your skin too! They have excellent antioxidant properties that help to reverse the free radical effect. Aloe vera juice is readily available in the market nowadays. They are edible and help to cleanse the body. Drink one tablespoon full of this in an empty stomach. It benefits the entire body by stimulating the metabolism and hence adds a beautiful glow to your skin. For a face pack, take aloe vera gel by scraping it out from a fresh leaf. Apply it around the eyes and leave it overnight. Wash off in the morning. You will see the visible change in just a few days!

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is a very useful ingredient of our lives in every aspect. Benefits of coconut oil are many! Apply some coconut oil everyday around your eyes before going to bed. It is an excellent moisturizer. It hydrates your skin and delays every sign of ageing like fine lines, wrinkles. Application of coconut oil is a very healthy habit that each woman should develop. Linoleic acid is present in coconut oil which is excellent in repairing the damaged skin cells and tissues which occur from lack of sleep, stress and pollution. It helps reconnect broken skin tissues. Coconut oil also has lots of Vitamin E which is also very beneficial for the hair. Hair fall is another common problem faced due to ageing. Apply coconut oil to your hair roots everyday and wash off with a mild shampoo to get great results!

Vitamin E

Vitamin E capsules are a must have, if you want to maintain a proper skin and hair care routine, to keep yourself young and beautiful! The common mistake we make is that we fail to identify the first signs of ageing. Even if we detect them, we ignore them completely as it seems that we can fight them off at any point of time. But when we lose time and sagging skin becomes visible, there is no possible way left to recover our beautiful skin once again. On the other hand, we might have to go through the expensive treatments, which have a high pocket pinch but do not always show significant results. So try this very simple method. Break 1 or 2 Vitamin E capsules and apply the contents along the lines of the crow’s feet or any other line that has developed on your body. Get a relaxing massage. Doing this everyday will hydrate and moisturize your skin very well. You will get significant results in a few days and that will also have a long lasting effect. If you want, you can also mix coconut oil with the contents of a Vitamin E capsule and get excellent results!

Now you can stop frowning about those ugly lines around the eyes and smile freely, laugh freely and be yourself! You can try any of these natural home remedies. They are very easy to apply and very affordable too. Take care of yourself and love yourself! Remember, ageing is a natural process, but you must not ignore the needs of your skin and hair. Taking care from the right time will save you from worrying about them in future. Cleanse your soul, your mind and your skin and love the new you!


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