Blackheads Blasted Away For Good

Blackheads can be a major pain to deal with. Those deep dark comedones are actually clogged pores that are a combination of dead skin cells and oil. Not pretty. It looks dark on the surface of the skin because of oxidation with the air. Those pesky blackheads are extremely hard to get rid of without specific intervention.

Stop Picking At Your Blackheads

You can pick at them all you want, but you’re probably just damaging your skin in the process. This is worth repeating. Stop picking at your blackheads. You're only making them worse, causing other acne to form, and possibly scarring your skin in the process. We’re here to tell you how to blast them away for good with a very specific skincare ingredient. You need this active ingredient that will help you clear them out over time. It’s glycolic acid. Chemical exfoliation with this proven AHA is the only way to go because just wishing them away won’t work. Squeezing is a big no-no. So we say bye-bye to blackheads, we’ve got your number here at ASDM Beverly Hills and your time is up!

It’s the blackhead banisher you’re going to want to be introduced to if blackheads are a problem anywhere on your face. Let’s talk about the real steps you need to take to prevent and get rid of stubborn blackheads on your nose, chin, forehead, or cheeks.

Try A Glycolic Acid Regimen That Works Wonders 

The best way to start using a regimen of glycolic acid is with our ASDM Beverly Hills At Home Glycolic Acid Peel Kit. This is a 100 % raw glycolic acid based routine that comes with everything you need to get rid of deeply clogged pores in the form of blackheads. Over time this intense chemical exfoliation will remove dead skin cells that cause the blackheads in the first place. Once you use this, expect to see results in as little as two months. When you routinely use this kit, you’ll notice clearer skin is exactly what you end up with. The process of the glycolic acid resurfaces skin’s texture to add a clarity and radiance you never thought was possible without seeing a dermatologist.

Any Skin Type Can Use The Kit

Any skin type can use this kit from oily to dry and combination skin types. The kit comes in a few different strengths from 10 % to 70%. If you are new to AHAs, try the 10 % and work your way up as your skin gets accustomed to the facial acids over a series of months.

The kit itself comes with the Pre Peel Treatment Pads, Glycolic Acid Medical Grade Solution with fan brush to apply, and the Post Peel Treatment Serum. Follow the directions exactly that come with the kit and you’ll be on your way to better skin.

Blackheads Don’t Stand A Chance

Banishing blackheads is easier than you think with the right skincare treatments. Glycolic acid will be your partner in this journey for skin improvements you can see and your friends will notice. Can you imagine not having to deal with those little dark black dots all over your skin? It’s probably been an issue you didn’t know how to resolve for years. Luckily you’ve found the solution in glycolic acid treatments from ASDM Beverly Hills.

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